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The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More The New York Times bestseller that introduced the business world to a future that s already here now in paperback with a new chapter about Long Tail Marketing and a new epilogueWinner of the Gerald Loeb Award for Best Business Book of the YearIn the most important business book since The Tipping Point, Chris Anderson shows how the future of commerce and culture isn t in hits, the high volume head of a traditional demand curve, but in what used to be regarded as misses the endlessly long tail of that same curve

10 thoughts on “The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

  1. Scott Scott says:

    OK, this book gets down graded because it is an excellent example of snake oil Kool Aid Let me explain I m sure that some people love this book However, Chris Anderson takes an excellent insight, then extends and extrapolates this insight all out of shape, drawing general conclusions about the wh

  2. Otis Chandler Otis Chandler says:

    Interesting Tidbits Three forces need to create the long tail 1 democratize production give average people the ability to create quality content movies, music, blogs 2 democratize distribution technology to aggregate all the content in a genre , Netflix, iTunes 3 Connect Supply and Demand filters to

  3. Jake Losh Jake Losh says:

    I disliked this book for two reasons I do not believe it represents any original ideas and it is, like most business books, horribly verbose Yawn zilla Yawn a saurus rex Avoid.I take issue with the idea that this book even represents a body of original ideas The long tail concept is very cute, but after

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    I give upI can t take anyof this horribly boring book My economics textbook keeps my interest better than this, which is extremely sad I m giving it two stars instead of one only because it had a few good tidbits of information regarding the evolution of the music and publishing industries there was some int

  5. Lilly Lilly says:

    This book is an exploration of how niche markets are on the rise courtesy of better distribution And that s a gross summary Much discussion is given to the rise of the digital world and how it s expanded the marketplace so that there can be a Long Tail Distribution for you statistics nerds out there beyond the m

  6. Martin Martin says:

    I ve been reading what I like to think of as some business lite books for school, pulling me kicking screaming away from my beloved novels, fictional worlds, and imaginary characters Apparently there is little or no place for novels in business The good news is that these business lite books are, by their very natur

  7. Brooks Brooks says:

    I heard a clip on this book on NPR back in August and have had wanted to read this book for sometime When I first heard about this book, we were having a conflict with one of our e commerce customers There SKU base kept growing and my boss kept saying they did not control their inventory Well, here is proof positive tha

  8. Pawel Pawel says:

    I ve read this book many years ago and revisited it now in 2018 as a way to see how many or little things have changed This is a book written when quote YouTube was a 6 months old website , and Netflix will some day go into streaming rather than sending movies on DVDs Definitely worth reading on the long tail theory which a

  9. Teodora Todorova Teodora Todorova says:

    The book is amazing, it is just outdated, written 12 years ago, before Facebook, twitter, youtube, spotify and netflix.We are basically living now what he described in the book as what might happen with the development of the long tail.

  10. Inggita Inggita says:

    one of the most important guides to the dotcom econ although after a while you might get tired of being told of the same thing over and over again esp Wired readers might find it annoying of being told what they ve discovered a long time ago each of the stories page after page are another nail on the coffin and most of us down here

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