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Dark Shimmer Set In Medieval Venice, This Captivating Fairy Tale Retelling By Award Winning Author Donna Jo Napoli Explores Belonging, Beauty, And The Transformative Power Of Love Through The Eyes Of A Teenage Girl Dolce Has Grown Up Hidden Away On An Island In A Lagoon She Is A Giant, A Freak, Tormented By Everyone But Her Loving Mother She Spends Her Time Learning The Valuable Secret Of Making Mirrors Following A Tragedy, Dolce Swims Away And Lands On An Island Where People See Her As Normal, Even Beautiful Marin, A Kind Widower, And His Little Daughter Bring Dolce To Live With Them In Their Grand Palazzo Eventually, Dolce And Marin Marry She Secretly Continues To Make Mirrors, Not Realizing That Quicksilver Endangers Her And So Evil Begins In Innocence.

About the Author: Donna Jo Napoli

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Shimmer book, this is one of the most wanted Donna Jo Napoli author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Dark Shimmer

  1. Aditi Aditi says:

    Better a serpent than a stepmotherEuripidesDonna Jo Napoli, an American author, has penned a retelling of Snow White in her entertaining and charming book called, Dark Shimmer which narrates the life story of the evil queen, where she is born as a giant and is looked upon as a disgrace or rather as a monster among her island of dwarfs but only loved and accepted by her own mother, until tragedy strikes.Synopsis Dolce is

  2. TL TL says:

    3.5 stars Took a bit to get started but overall enjoyed reading this being in a funk for a few days notwithstanding At first was wary but intrigued at where the author was setting the story but any concerns in my case were swept away.The explanation offered for Dolce doing what she did was very well done and very clever I had watched a segment on that with Mysteries at the Museum view spoiler Where the phrase Mad as a Hatter ca

  3. Allison Allison says:

    A fresh take on the Snow White fairy tale and the origins of the Wicked Stepmother , set in a breathtaking Venice In this version, Dolce our future Evil Queen is raised on an island of dwarves, where she is reviled and led to believe that she is a giantess This is Venice, so of course there is glass, and where there is glass there are mirrors, but nothing is quite what you think Filled with a rich cast of characters and d...

  4. Trisha Trisha says:

    what is the difference of illness and wickedness when it causes such evil What a fascinating and well done re telling view spoiler of Snow White hide spoiler I spoiler that because I didn t know it was a re telling I m awful and almost never ready synopsis and just pick up books on covers alone And I loved not knowing until it all clicked into place and things got so obvious.I love the fact that this story is actually probable Not all the fa

  5. Donna Donna says:

    A dark version of Snow White told from the point of view of the Queen Dolce grows up on an island thinking she is hideous and a giant While there she learns the secret to making beautiful mirrors When tragedy strikes and she leaves the island, she learns that she is normal, beautiful, and had been living with dwarfs Marion, a widower and his daughter Bianca take Dolce in, treat her well, and Marion eventually marries her To fit in with society, Dol

  6. l. l. says:

    Deserves a better cover.

  7. Kelsie Halsted Kelsie Halsted says:

    A beautiful take on an old fairy tale From the Evil Queen s point of view, you ll see what it was like in her life, and how she came to hate Snow White to the point of wanting to kill her Also, you ge...

  8. Heather Heather says:

    I finished reading this book and said out loud Wow I picked it up because I liked the title and the cover art The synopsis made it sound like it was either about an insane woman or it was possibly a retelling of Snow White from the Evil Queen s perspective It turned out to be both.I don t want to say too much and spoil it, but even if you re not someone who enjoys retellings of famous fairy and folk tales, you will almost certainly find this book to be an amazing read

  9. Emma Emma says:

    I felt like this had a lot of conflicting emotions and quite a few shaky transitions Also, it was hard to get to know the MC Dolce the writing just didn t really work I don t know Maybe it s me I might give this another go someday.

  10. Lucy A. March Lucy A. March says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here What an unexpected GEM of a book I m sooooo happy I decided to go ahead and read this one I d been a little hesitant to read it for three reasons 1 I d read Napoli s Zel and was unimpressed disappointed I d heard so much about this author s brilliance in Fairy Tale Retellings and had felt so let down 2 I was sick to death of the stepmother stepsister random villain world s smallest violin, sympathy for t

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