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hir Discharged from the Marines under suspicious circumstances, Isaac comes home from the wars, only to find the life he remembers upended Isaac s father, who once ruled the family with an iron fist, has had a debilitating stroke his younger sister, Maxine, is now his brother, Max and their mother, Paige, is committed to revolution at any cost Determined to be free of any responsibility toward her formerly abusive husband or the home he created Paige fervently believes she can lead the way to a new world order Hir, Taylor Mac s subversive comedy, leaves many of our so called normative and progressive ideas about gender, families, the middle class and cleaning in hilarious and ultimately tragic disarray

10 thoughts on “hir

  1. Kai Kai says:

    its a pretty cool play but wow makes me feel a bit of a Way that this is the only trans masc play character ive ever read and its Like That

  2. Elliot Elliot says:

    one of the characters keeps literally throwing up into the kitchen sink throughout the play this play is like that to kitchen sink dramas it s so good

  3. Theo Chen Theo Chen says:

    Incisive and cutting Hir raises important questions about family gender America The dialogue was witty and interesting, and hilarious Incisive and cutting Hir raises important questions about family gender America The dialogue was witty and inter

  4. Angelique Angelique says:

    Loved it I wish I would have written it myself.

  5. Donna Snyder Donna Snyder says:

    This play has been described as absurd reality It s definitely that The oldest son returns home from war with PTSD, wanting to find everything the same as he left it In this multilayered dysfunctional family, nothing is the same It is a dark, tragic, and

  6. Randall David Cook Randall David Cook says:

    Throw out that kitchen sink, Taylor Mac THROW IT

  7. MsAprilVincent MsAprilVincent says:

    3.5This comedy is so dark it s basically invisible Isaac, a war veteran, returns to his home to find his dad s had a stroke, his mom s had a revelation, and his sibling Max is taking testosterone and using gender nonconforming pronouns hence the title of this pl

  8. Michael McClain Michael McClain says:

    This is a play about moving with the times and charging ahead into the unknown Taylor Mac ventures into the themes of identity, whether it s through gender, sexuality or personal renewal, with surreal humor and a tough love attitude His is a powerful voice for queer

  9. Doug Doug says:

    There were some funny absurd lines in this, but much of it reads plays as a lecture about gender politics, the family and war there is really very little dramatic action unless you count constant vomiting as such It sounded interesting, from the reviews I read of the pr

  10. Kat Kat says:

    only minor flaw is that Mac often over explains to the director actor audience just trust people will get it ultimately doesn t take away from what a force this play is.

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