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Patton: A Genius for War Based on exclusive access to his personal and public papers, and with the full cooperation of his family, Patton is an intimate look at the colorful, charismatic, and sometimes controversial man who became the one general the Germans respected and feared the most during World War II Photos

About the Author: Carlo D'Este

Carlo D Este retired from the U.S Army as a lieutenant colonel in 1978, having served overseas in Germany, Vietnam, and England Born in Oakland, California, he received his B.A from Norwich University and his M.A from the University of Richmond and an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters from Norwich in 1992.

10 thoughts on “Patton: A Genius for War

  1. Steve Steve says:

    Patton A Genius For War was published in 1995 and is the biography for which Carlo D Este is best known He is an author, military historian and a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S Army Three years ago I

  2. David David says:

    An outstanding 1996 biography, written so as to truly bring Patton to life for the reader Though very long, there would be no way to cut it shorter without damaging the portrait of this soldier Since I served in his

  3. Janine Urban Janine Urban says:

    Where do I start Killing a gang member and tying his corpse to the hood of his car, slapping two soldiers in Sicily for being cowards, urinating in the Rhine Sitting in the front row of a pew in church with a watch timing a c

  4. Amiee Amiee says:

    Liked the movie This book is so much deeper andinteresting than any film Patton himself is so muchthan George C Scott could portray in film D Este captures the many sides of Patton I appreciated, too, that D Este recognizes that his f

  5. Paul Paul says:

    George Smith Patton Jr was a man of many contrasts and many faces He was an insecure dyslexic, obsessed with his glorious ancestors, a brash martinet, a genus of menouvre and made impulsive, reckless speeches that required his friends to get h

  6. Chris Chris says:

    Packed with information but very readable Patton was an arrogant, violent, self absorbed asshole, that s for sure, but the United States was very lucky to have him In that regard the title of the book describes him best Actually, Patton had a soft side

  7. Gerry Germond Gerry Germond says:

    This is a big, thorough biography, covering both the general s achievements and blunders I think the author is mostly a Pattonphile, but he does not cover up or gloss over Patton s deficiencies and blunders Myself, I wish there weredetails on the campaigns Exac

  8. Rogier Rogier says:

    This is a priceless biography, and it far and away dominates the field Carlo D Este had the capacity to capture the whole person including Patton s fascinating spiritual dimension, which hinged on a dual devotion to the Bible and the Bhagavadgita He understood like no o

  9. Donald Kirch Donald Kirch says:

    A wonderful look at a man who was always the professional soldier with a warrior poet s heart.

  10. Gerry Gerry says:

    The end of war is, in short, a sort of massive hangover, a culture shock that often manifests itself in antisocial behavior, alcoholism, and severe depression A quote located on page 268 of this book This was a statement that the author placed upon the conclusion of Colonel George S Patt

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