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Waiting For a Girl Like You They could make beautiful music together Hoping to dodge a scandal that could destroy her personal life and her career, Alex fled grad school for a summer job in tiny Potterville, West Virginia She didn t expect the town cupids to orchestrate a chance meeting with Marc a sexy, brooding rock star who appreciates her love of poetry But Alex doubts he ll want anything if he discovers the indiscretion she can t forgive herself for Marc came to Potterville to get some space from his band and clear his head But before he knows it, he s intrigued with the waitress at the local diner Alex is not only smart and beautiful, she s inspiring his songwriting and taking it to the next level Soon he s falling for her and then she runs away For the first time, Marc is chasing after a woman and giving both himself and Alex a chance to heal past hurts and take a chance on the future

About the Author: Christa Maurice

Born in Northeast Ohio, Christa has lived on four different continents including both sides of Asia and traveled extensively She has an extremely elaborate fantasy life and has been known to forget that the bands she made up don t exist to the extent that she has shopped for their albums on iTunes Join my mailing list

10 thoughts on “Waiting For a Girl Like You

  1. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

    Waiting For A Girl Like You, Christa Maurice Give Feedback Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre Contemporary Romance, I hadn t realised but I d recently downloaded and read book one in the series, satellite of love, and enjoyed that and there is another between that and this one which I haven t read I understood once I back tracked and discovered that why I felt like there were things I was missing, where it referr

  2. Faith89 Faith89 says:

    Copy courtesy of NetgalleyThis is the 3rd book on the series I read book two which was ok to me This was a little better The storyline was fine I guess I like the town of Potterville WV and its residents Again I was at a loss with the development of the romance between the two main characters Alex s character is young She is finishing up her masters Marc is around 38 At times he actedher age than she did I can see her getting caug

  3. Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm says:

    Alex and Marc met after their respective friends planned their meeting at a diner where Alex worked Though both were oblivious about the chanced encounter, the two ended up liking each other Until one of them decided to call it quits Until one of them discovered an awful past.I love reading books which are focused on music and songs I may not be able to compose, but I know how to appreciate good music, great lyrics and perfect harmony Thi

  4. Jessica Figueroa Jessica Figueroa says:

    Alex is working as a a waitress to help pay for school and to have a bit of a break to leave her ex boyfriend who also happens to be a married professor She was the mistress and knew it but it didn t feel right and left him But he won t leave it be and makes sure to let her know that it s not over Meanwhile shes making a new life in the town she s currently staying at and can t help but fall for the charming and amazing musician Marc Alex is happ

  5. Bette Hansen Bette Hansen says:

    A very entertaining read with one sexy bad boy rocker, a young woman trying to leave her past in the past, and an entire town certain they are right for each other Marc is in Potterville for some downtime from the band and to clear his head After the end of his marriage due to a cheating spouse, all he wants is complete honesty from anyone he s with but Alex has a secret A big one When her past unexpectedly shows up in Potterville, she runs Hard and fast

  6. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    Fun, funny and quirky tale of a small town focused on getting a young master s student working as a summer waitress into the arms of a rock star Alex has a secret and worries it might come to light Marc finds Alex different than other women and good for him in many ways There is a bad guy and he is easy to dislike The problems and their resolutions are fun to read The cast of characters provide clues to other stories in the series and made me want to read their

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