read online Best Ho Tactics (Uncut Edition) Author G.L. Lambert –

This is the book that no man wants you to read Countless women play by the bias male rules of dating and relationships, one that keeps them in a constant state of stress and worry Victims of romance instead of masters of love, today s women settle for cheap dates and cheaper talk Why are you splitting the bill with a man that should be spoiling you Why are you preparing home cooked meals for a man that can t provide you a home Why are you having sex with a man that promises the world, but refuses to give you his heart Why are you playing by outdated rules in hopes that one day your kindness will be rewarded I have discovered a group of women who refuse to be exploited, are immune to manipulation, and who never settle in the name of love These ladies know what they want and take what they want by beating men at their own game Utilizing the secrets exposed in this book, these women gain power, money, and status Men call them Gold Diggers, women call them Hos, but they call themselves Winners This is the book that society doesn t want you to read Ho Tactics How To MindF k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring lays out the practical steps to evolve from a woman that goes Dutch to a woman that gets pampered Ho Tactics provides the Sex Free blueprint on how to turn any man into your personal ATM Stop spending nights with men that can t offer you anything but conversation, stop being understanding of men who are underachieving, stop settling and submitting, and learn how to seduce and destroy You tried to play by their rules, now it s time to play by Ho rules. Ho Tactics (Uncut Edition)

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