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I'm Not Who You Think I Am Who is the strange woman in the white car watching Ginger She appears at Ginger s birthday party, at her school, and in front of her house, but Ginger has never met her before When she confronts Ginger, she reveals a secret that will change Ginger s life And when the woman s confrontations become threatening, Ginger is forced into a crisis of loyalty and honor a crisis from which her family might never recover

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  1. Leigh Anne Leigh Anne says:

    Many of my students love Peg Kehret books because they move quickly and keep their attention These are perfect for those readers who need a little push to get going.

  2. Maria Maria says:

    This story is about a 13 year old girl who is just normal, goes to school, hangs out with her friends, you know all that fun stuff Well on her 13th birthday her whole family went to a restaurant for lunch and while they were there Ginger felt as if someone was watching her and sure enough someone was these feelings kept on going on for along time until the person w

  3. Kevyn Kevyn says:

    As they came into the lobby , Joyce saw Ginger The expression on her face went from confusion to shock to rage You called the police she cried You want them to arrest your own mother This is most action there is in I m Not Who You Think I Am by Peg Kehret If you are not asleep yet, you will be reading this book This book may seem interesting if you read the blurb an

  4. Stacy Ford Stacy Ford says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here It all starts at Ginger s 13th birthday party when she notices a strange woman staring at her from across the restaurant Then she notices the same woman writing down here parents license plate numbers Ginger notices the woman in her neighborhood, at her school and she continually has this

  5. Sherry Ou Yang Sherry Ou Yang says:

    Ginger finds herself being followed by a mysterious woman who claims she is her mother and that she was taken away from her Ginger,seeing the similarities between this woman and herself begins to question her identity Was her life an entire life the whole time This book made me realize how having an identity is really important It is what defines a person and how we c

  6. Kierra Titus Kierra Titus says:

    I first heard of the book I m not who you think I am by Peg Kehret because it was in the library This book was similar to Taken that was a good book too We read Taken last year in my Language Arts class at Kelly Middle School Taken is different from I m not who you think I am because in Taken the girl actually girl actually got kidnapped but in I m not who you think I

  7. Maddie D Maddie D says:

    4 29 13I am currently reading I m Not Who You Think I Am by Peg Kehret In this book one of the most interesting characters in the book has the name of Ginger Ginger is a 13 year old who gets along with everyone her sister, brother, friends, parents, and so on She is sometimes just a little too nice But being too nice finally takes action Ginger has one main problem in t

  8. 02TayahL 02TayahL says:

    I m Not Who You Think I AmAuthor Peg Kehret Points 13Year 1999Pgs 154 This book is one of my favorites because its the kind of book that keeps you on the edge of your seat The main issiue in this book is that a woman in a white car is following Ginger at the resturant at the bus stop at her sisters party and at school.When she confronts Ginger, she reveals a secret that

  9. Jasmine Reining Jasmine Reining says:

    This book is about a mysterious white car that follows Ginger around From a restaurant to her house to her school The lady in the white car is a kidnapper and is lying to Ginger saying she took her little brother and if Ginger goes with her they wont hurt him but if she doesn t go with them then he will get hurt Yah scaring I know right and a big commitment to make huh we

  10. Marycruz Esparza Marycruz Esparza says:

    The book I m not who you think I am , is about a young and loving girl named Ginger Shaw She meets a strange woman the day of her birthday at a restaurant Who is she She doesn t know Ever since her birthday dinner, the woman has followed her She s called her home and she s been parked outside her house and school In the bus stop the woman talks to Ginger while she s alone

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