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Ride or Die Chick 3 Imagine being the product of one of the most notorious criminal couples ever to terrorize the state of Virginia Imagine your father choosing death over life in prison because he thinks he has no reason to live Imagine your mother trying to kill herself and you to protect you from the world Then imagine growing up parentless in a society you seem not to fit in until you meet someone else who feels the same way If you can imagine all of this, then you will be intrigued by the story of young Treacherous Freeman and Baby LoveNearly two years after the death of his mother, Treacherous is faced with a situation that causes him to unleash all that has been bottled up inside him His actions ultimately land him in a place that surprises even him Despite growing up with both parents and strong family values, Baby Love feels her life is not too far from hell Deceit, betrayal, and deception are the contributors to Baby s sudden change They are the very same things that land her in a predicament that has her craving for vengeance As fate would have it, Treacherous finds himself drawn to the girl that reminds him so much of his mother The chemistry between him and Baby is undeniable, and a twisted love connection is born Fueled by pain, they form a bond that Treacherous has always dreamed of and Baby never thought existed

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  1. Moe crossin Moe crossin says:

    So they have a son that has him a rider on his side as well, wow true to the game for real Great story line.

  2. Literary Jewels Literary Jewels says:

    Ride or die chicks come in all shapes, sizes, and ages They are tough, loving, and all about that person they are riding with and for When it comes down to it, the ride or die chick is determined, able bodied, and a force to be reckoned with on any occasion In this third installment of Ride or Die Chick 3, we have Treacherous and Baby

  3. Djuana Lacey Djuana Lacey says:

    RivetingI was hooked from page one This saga continued right where the other one left off I love the love story between Treacherous and Baby The plot twists make the book impossible to put down.

  4. Kieshaboo Mays Kieshaboo Mays says:

    I can t wait for pt.4

  5. Mattie Mattie says:


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