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Keeping Misery Company Ruth Wilcox has her hands full trying to cope with mounting marital problems and the changes her body is going through When her husband seeks solace in the arms of his young mistress, Ruth is forced to face his secret betrayal and decide whether to forgive

About the Author: Michelle Larks

I am the author of 5 books, the titles include A Myriad of Emotions, Crisis Mode, Mirrored Images, Who s Your Daddy, and contributing author to Blended Families, and The Midnight Clear My latest title is Keeping Misery Company, and I have a new book coming out on July 29th, 2008 called The Legacies.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Misery Company

  1. Angelia Angelia says:

    I have had this book for over two yrsso I decided to pick it up and I was NOT disappointed this was a trully a moving story and anyone who read this book could learn a lesson in LOVE, LIFE and FORGIVENESS..This was my first read by this author but DEFINITELY not my last..

  2. Queen Diva Queen Diva says:

    When I finished reading Keeping Misery Company I was in tears.I was happyYet I was so sad I was sad because the book ended and I fell in love with Ruth and Daniel, the lead characters of the book I felt like I wanted to knowabout them I truly didn t want the book to end.I wanted to know why would Daniel want to leave Ruth, a devoted wife and mother Why Ruth wouldn t try harder to keep her marriage together Why so many secrets Why wasn t Ruth s brothe

  3. African Americans on the Move Book Club African Americans on the Move Book Club says:

    Worthy of your time An example of a family not so perfect It makes you want to question your own self What could you possibly do to make you and your family s life better Michelle creates a dynamic group of individuals who once thought their family was perfect until one by one they face reality and come face to face to the God forsaken truth When you read about the Wilcox Family you will learn that they were all human and that only God can keep us in a sane

  4. Adrienna Adrienna says:

    This is a book that you see a married couple of 35 years that goes downhill for the husbandwho cheats, impregnates and gets married the day after his divorce There were some areas of the story where I was able to figure it out before I read ityet it deals with family problems and martial affairs, and surprised with the incidents that occur towards the end I keep asking myself, how can men cheat and marry the other woman how can a woman move on with her life after ha

  5. Evette Thompson Evette Thompson says:

    This book is amazing For those who love a good bit of drama, this is your book I can totally relate to Ruth Of course since I could relate to her, I was expectingin detail what happened to Daniel in the end.Ezra had a great spirit despite his circumstances His situation reminds me to not hold grudges because you never know when the end will come for you or the person you re holding a grudge against Ms Lenora is a mess lol She did all of that, and for what

  6. Arlene Arlene says:

    I found this to be the never ending story It just kept going and going This is why I gave it 4 s The story line was good It was written very well There were quite a few parts that made me cry I guess I put my entire self in this one Just thought this could happen to any family.Over all, it is a good book about family, family secrets, life.

  7. Benzette Benzette says:

    I was not ready for this book to end I was happy he got his in the end, but I wanted to knowabout Ruth and how things changed in her life How Queen and Bishop changed with all that happened There was still so much that could be said Will their be a part two maybe

  8. BW Diva BW Diva says:

    This was a good read it had a lot of things going on with the family, but it showed how a family go thru the storm but trouble doesn t last always I like how the family admitted their faults and worked through them.Daniel smh.

  9. Sassy Sassy says:

    That God is good, and he has plans worked out for you so far ahead of time, that you could not fathom He thought that far in advance on your behalf I also found out that if He brought you to it, He could bring you through it And, last but not least, Karma is real and alive EVERYDAY

  10. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    The story line was so realistic It shows how things that appear to be one way is not always what it seems The author did a great job bringing this story to life and relating it to real life events I highly recommend this book.

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