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The Far Shore The story of the greatest invasion in history, as told by a master military engineerThousands of men desperately struggling through the surf, blood spilling into the sea and mud, bullets whizzing by their ears this is the Far Shore of Omaha Beach on June ,Here, we see D Day through the eyes of an experienced engineer, brought out of a brief retirement to help make this invasion and eventual Allied victory possible Rear Admiral Edward Ellsberg The final book in Ellsberg s World War II trilogy, The Far Shore takes the reader right up to the front lines In Under the Red Sea Sun and No Banners, No Bugles, Rear Admiral Ellsberg cleaned up impressive wrecks in the Red Sea and North Africa He answers the call to action despite his advancing age and failing heart, to once again do the impossible Ellsberg is tasked with floating the artificial harbors that are key to Operation Overlord Ellsberg, a celebrated writer in addition to his gifts as a naval engineer, pulls no punches in this firsthand account of the preparations and bravery necessary to win on D day

About the Author: Edward Ellsberg

Edward Ellsberg 1891 1983 graduated first in his class from the United States Naval Academy in 1914 After he did a stint aboard the USS Texas, the navy sent Ellsberg to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for postgraduate training in naval architecture In 1925, he played a key role in the salvage of the sunken submarine USS S 51 and became the first naval officer to qualify as a deep sea diver Ellsberg later received the Distinguished Service Medal for his innovations and hard work.Rear Admiral Ellsberg was awarded the C.B.E by His Majesty King George VI, and two Legions of Merit by the United States Government.

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  1. Manray9 Manray9 says:

    General Omar Bradley is credited with saying You can almost always force an invasion, but you can t always make it stick Edward Ellsberg s The Far Shore detailed how the Allies made D Day stick Captain Edward Ellsberg, the U.S

  2. Bev Walkling Bev Walkling says:

    I have not read all that much about the Allied landings at D Day other than what happened with regard to the Canadians at Juno beach, but I have visited Normandy and seen the remains of the Mulberries so I picked this book as part of a

  3. C. E. C. E. says:

    More of Ellsberg s Excellent Story TellingThe descriptions of the events before, during, and after D Day equal Elksberg s descriptions of his personal accomplishments in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean However we see him only occasionally in t

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Very interesting Having been to the Beaches of Normandy on a tour did I learn about the concrete boxes there, and wonder what they were We did the Tourist not and claimed the dunes, trying to manage what it must have like for the troops and boats on D Da

  5. David G Small David G Small says:

    Saving D day from catastropheOne of most detailed accounts of D Day and Normandy by the man who helped provide the massive materiel needed when no shipping ports were available The portable Mulberry docks allowed up to 15,000 tons a day of equipment, ammunition,

  6. Grace Zubkow Grace Zubkow says:

    Excellent even for a a student of the war The author s writing skills are second to none The book is interesting from a logistical standpoint yet never slow or boring This is a subject only rarely covered in relation to the invasion, and then only in general The details c

  7. Aki Korhonen Aki Korhonen says:

    Great readThe story telling style is not what I m used to, and I don t necessarily agree with all of the larger picture side stories But that said, this lends nice details that I don t always see in books discussing the difficulties that the mulberries posed.The only OCR issue tha

  8. Kenneth Picklesimer Kenneth Picklesimer says:

    Great read Sometimes you forget all the things that had to happen to make the invasion a success From food to especially armor and artillery that had to get to where it was needed This book made me feel as if I was there.

  9. Monroe Bryant Monroe Bryant says:

    Unknown HistoryA great revealing of some of the bad luck and bungling of operations involved in the Normandy invasion So many young men died because of some serious mistakes Bet this side of the story was never told.

  10. James Cross James Cross says:

    Very Interesting Heavy on very readable technical information, this was a fascinating read Learned many things Could not put this down Been reading WWII books all my life, this is one of the best.

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