[download epub] Not Just a Cowboy (Texas Rescue, #1) Author Caro Carson – Vansonphu.com

Not Just a Cowboy (Texas Rescue, #1) A HURRICANE BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER Heiress Patricia Cargill was out to prove she was than just a big bank account Running Texas Rescue and Relief gives her the greatest satisfaction she could imagine Until she meets volunteer Luke Waterson He s a little younger, a little brasher and a lot dangerous than anyone she s dated He could be everything she needs.A STORM OF EMOTIONS COULD TEAR THEM APART An unexpected change of fortune, however, has Patricia discovering Luke is than just a nomadic cowboy Falling for a millionaire rancher was not in her plans, especially one who keeps secrets But committing to a man who sees her as a desirable woman, not dollar signs, could be worth making an exception to her rule.

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