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The Divine Reversal The Apostle Paul Reckons Jesus Christ As The Last Adam The Power Of The Finished Work Of Christ Is Far Great Than That Of The Fall Of Adam Jesus Christ In All His Work Has Not Only Successfully Redeemed Humanity From The Effects Of The Fall, But He Has Entirely Reversed The Fall Itself, Leaving The Human Race Holding Nothing Less Than His Own Divinity

10 thoughts on “The Divine Reversal

  1. Michael Michael says:

    This is the beauty of the Gospel in a nutshell, it is rare to hear in modern day church Most religious denominations stress so much about what you have to do for God, less about what God has done through Jesus for you It is too much truth to all put in a review, but the simple answer is to read it and be transformed.Try not to look at t

  2. Nancy Jackson Nancy Jackson says:

    A MUST read for every human regardless of their belief I devoured this book So very potent in revelatory truth It assaulted my senses while bringing them to life The old dead pieces of religion which I had thought I had long since put away found themselves revealed and then dropping away finally for the last time I had to take breaks in reading t

  3. Debra Torgerson Debra Torgerson says:

    We are included Enjoyed reading this book It will have you thinking about your religious beliefs and get you questioning things you have heard taught in church s for decades See how Christ fulfilled what Adam lost I recommend this book to anyone wanting a clearer understanding of scripture I will most likely re read to get a better understanding of the div

  4. Ben Ben says:

    Really badly written I get his message and passion, but the structure and format and constant jumping around are really difficult to take I agree with the fundamental message, but he should lose all this is my opinion of this verse with no background or support for said view.

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