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For Better For Worse When Henry Royal is found guilty of bigamy, the seaside town of Worthing is rocked by scandal But what will become of his wives A heart wrenching read for fans of Maureen Lee and Katie FlynnJulyAs Britain recovers from WWII, Annie Royal is looking to the future Recently married to Henry, and with a baby on the way, she and her new husband are happily settled in the seaside town of WorthingBut a knock at the door brings Annie s world crashing down On her doorstep stands Sarah and her two young children As they talk, Sarah reveals that she is Henry s wife and she has been searching for him since he walked out on their family a year agoStruggling to believe what she s hearing, Annie is forced to accept the truth when Henry is arrested for bigamy Alone, with no one to support her, and with the baby due to arrive imminently, Annie must look to the most unlikely of places to find support in her darkest hour Hold tight for the enthralling new novel from Sunday Times bestseller, Pam Weaver The perfect read for fans of Katie Flynn and Dilly Court

10 thoughts on “For Better For Worse

  1. poppie poppie says:

    I almost gave up with this at one point as it wasn t keeping my attention but am glad that I persevered to the end as it did improve a great deal A rather complex situation for a story but well written and in the end a jolly good read.

  2. Kim Kim says:

    I love family sagas set in the WWII or post war era so this book was a real treat for me This one is set in the seaside town of Worthing.Three women discover that they are married to the same man Harry is arrested for bigamy but their problems don t end there They have to deal with the problems associated with having illigitimate children in this era You also get to hear Henry s point of view what an awful man The characters are so well drawn and I got c

  3. Hayley Noble Hayley Noble says:

    We start with the lives of 3 woman, set in post war times What they don t know is that they share a husband Henry He left Sarah with her 2 girls penniless and alone He left Kaye alone without anyone, and is currently married to the young Annie who is expecting their first child This is until Sarah and Kaye find Annie and each other, and uncover Henry s lies and his bigamy.This is such a good book, I picked it because of the time it was set in, but enjoyed th

  4. Shirley Revill Shirley Revill says:

    I listened to the audiobook version of this story and I enjoyed every word.Brilliant storyline and narration, deserves muchthan five stars.Storytelling at it s best, highly recommended.

  5. Redfox5 Redfox5 says:

    Set just after World War II, three women must come to terms with the fact that they were all married to the same man In an age when being a single mother or pregnant and unmarried was a serious scandal, they face some tough choices Luckily they band together and form a lovely friendship in which they support each other Unfortunately for them, their bigamist husband isn t quite finished with them yet I love books set in this time period and I really enjoyed this one

  6. ReadAlongWithSue ReadAlongWithSue says:

    I just can t help coming back to some of my favorite authors, the genre that I took to when first starting out seriously reading and Pam Weaver is one of my guilty pleasures to curl up to in the garden on a nice summers day and read.How would feel if you had not long been married, have a baby on the way and someone turns up on your doorstep who claims to be looking for YOUR husband because she is looking for HER husband Well it would rock your world right off its axis i

  7. Hannah Polley Hannah Polley says:

    I do enjoy books that are set in the postwar era and this is a nice female bonding story.Henry Royal has married 3 women and each times he marries a new wife, he abandons the previous one in terrible circumstances As this is revealed and Henry is sent to prison, all 3 women need a little bit of help in their lives.They all move in together and find friendship and happiness.I know it is an unrealistic story but it kept me gripped and I enjoyed reading it.

  8. mois reads mois reads says:

    Wife s A lovely read from Pam with romance and some intrigue a book definitely to read 5 STARS for Pam weaver.

  9. Jane Willis Jane Willis says:

    I shouldn t have enjoyed this book It s not my kind of thing at all family sagas bore me, and the idea of a man s three bigamous wives setting up home together is one willing suspension of disbelief step too far for me And yet I did enjoy it I liked the characters Henry, for instance, although a thoroughly Dislikeable character was so well written that he made me feel I d met several people who, given the freedom of fictional lives rather than real ones, could well have gone the sa

  10. Michelle Hammond Michelle Hammond says:

    Set against the back drop of the aftermath of the war with rationing still in place, I found the characters believable likeable I m unsure as to how common a crime it was back then, but without all the technology we rely so heavily on today it s easy to believe that these things were easier to get away with A very enjoyable read but a follow up would be nice to see how the remaining characters have moved on Set against the back drop of the aftermath of the war with rationing still in p

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