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Over the remote Pacific island of Chichi Jima, nine American flyers Navy and Marine pilots sent to bomb Japanese communications towers there were shot down Flyboys, a story of war and horror but also of friendship and honor, tells the story of those men Over the remote Pacific island of Chichi Jima, nine American flyers Navy and Marine pilots sent to bomb Japanese communications towers there were shot down One of those nine was miraculously rescued by a US Navy submarine The others were captured by Japanese soldiers on Chichi Jima and held prisoner Then they disappeared When the war was over, the American government, along with the Japanese, covered up everything that had happened on Chichi Jima The records of a top secret military tribunal were sealed, the lives of the eight Flyboys were erased, and the parents, brothers, sisters, and sweethearts they left behind were left to wonder Flyboys reveals for the first time ever the extraordinary story of those men Bradley s quest for the truth took him from dusty attics in American small towns, to untapped government archives containing classified documents, to the heart of Japan, and finally to Chichi Jima itself What he discovered was a mystery that dated back far before World War II backyears, to America s westward expansion and Japan s first confrontation with the western world Bradley brings into vivid focus these brave young men who went to war for their country, and through their lives he also tells the larger story of two nations in a hellish war With no easy moralizing, Bradley presents history in all its savage complexity, including the Japanese warrior mentality that fostered inhuman brutality and the US military strategy that justified attacks on millions of civilians And, after almost sixty years of mystery, Bradley finally reveals the fate of the eight American Flyboys, all of whom would ultimately face a moment and a decision that few of us can even imagine Flyboys is a story of war and horror but also of friendship and honor It is about how we die, and how we live including the tale of the Flyboy who escaped capture, a young Navy pilot named George H W Bush who would one day become president of the United States A masterpiece of historical narrative, Flyboys will change forever our understanding of the Pacific war and the very things we fight for Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

About the Author: James D. Bradley

Librarian Note There isthan one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread forinformationJames Bradley is an American author of historical non fiction His subject is the Pacific theatre of World War II.

10 thoughts on “Flyboys: A True Story of Courage

  1. Joseph Joseph says:

    This book literally changed my view of the world I was amazed, shocked, disgusted, astounded and inspired This is one of those books that gives you a different perspective on history than the one you receive in school and it turned my perception of the world on its head in a good way If you ve never wondered how horrific tragedies are perpetrated on mankind, you are like probably 95% of the rest of the civilized world, and you

  2. Shaun Shaun says:

    This is the first time I ve read a book that has made me feel like I needed to take a shower afterwards.It s brutal It s in your face graphic It s violent If this had been a movie, I would ve gotten up and walked out.I have almost no tolerance for violence None Zip Nadda.But, I realized this book was important This wasn t gratuitous violence meant to thrill and excite This was honesty at its bestor at its worst depending on how y

  3. Caroline Caroline says:

    My ignorance about the Second World War in the Pacific was shameful, but thanks to this brilliant book that has been to a degree rectified It presents a marvellous overview not only of crucial events, but of the history leading up to both Japan and America s involvement in that war.It s a difficult read, purely because the book contains so much about violence and human degradation, but I personally feel these are things I ought to k

  4. Dean Dean says:

    With men the normal state of nature is not peace but war Immanuel KantJames Bradley in his book unveils the secret stories of eight flyboys executed far out in the vast pacific in WWIILet me be honest, friends.I wasn t the least prepared for what I was up to reading Flyboys A True Story of Courage I mean I was expecting somewhat like adventure and Heroismus a la Hollywood, with simple black and white, the good guys against the bad one

  5. David David says:

    Every so often a book comes along which goes beyond excellent or informative It goes beyond all the customary accolades critics heap upon a fine book and its author A book sometimes reaches the level of being an important, if not an essential, part of the literary canon Flyboys if not for historical reasons, then for philosophical ones is such a book.Written by Bill Bradley and published in 2003, Flyboys tells the story of eight American

  6. Mike Mike says:

    I tried to read Flyboys A True Story of Courage twice before and always stopped when the author tells the story of a Japanese soldier who rapes and kills a young girl after he kills the father What turned me off was the author appends the honorific san to this soldier It pissed me off to show that respect Well I powered through on the third try and glad I did There is a reason the author did that which you only find out about later This is a

  7. JBradford JBradford says:

    I have contended that books should not get a 5 star rating unless they are must read books this is a must read There are many people who will bypass this book because it is about an old war, not worthy of their interest Many others will put it down without finishing it because it is, as the lady who loaned it to me said, rather gruesome Both of those types should read it, however, because it is full of hard truths about the nature of man in gen

  8. Jeff Jeff says:

    I ve been reading historical non fiction for a LONG time, and it s rare to find a book about as threadbare a topic as World War 2 that is both informative and, at the same time, causes one to re examine ones perspective of those events Flyboys was one of those books for me.All I knew or thought I knew about Flyboys when I bought it last week off the bargain book shelf at Borders was that it was the story of downed US aviators and their horrific tr

  9. April April says:

    For Christmas, I got this as a book on tape, but I enjoyed the first chapters so much that I went out and bought the book James Bradley s writing is elegant and well researched I enjoyed learning about the Doolittle Raid, Tokyo Fire Raid and hearing about President George H.W Bush and his time as a flyboy.I would have liked to heardetails on the daily life of different fliers andabout some of the boys that survived The book was very focused on the wa

  10. Matt Matt says:

    I don t give out 5 stars too often, and this one should get a six The stories in this book had to be told, and they had to be told in a particular way Bradley does a masterful job in relating the horrific details of what happened to 8 U.S pilots on a speck of earth called Chichi Jima The fact that this island is not a WWII household place name such as Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, or Dunkirk is by design the tale was kept secret by the U.S military However, I

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