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The Gold Bug Variations The plot hinges on two love affairs the first, set in the s, between two scientists intent on discovering the mysteries of DNA the second, in the s, between two lovers who befriend the scientist featured in the novel s flashbacksA national bestseller, voted by Time as thenovel of , selected as one of the Best Books ofby Publishers Weekly, and nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award a magnificent story that probes the meaning of love, science, music, and art, by the brilliant author of Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance

10 thoughts on “The Gold Bug Variations

  1. Ian "Marvin" Graye Ian "Marvin" Graye says:

    A Source of Meditative AweAs soon as I finished reading this novel, I wanted to respond the only way I could that would do justice to my feelings for the book and that was to admit that I was in a state of wonder and t

  2. Edward Edward says:

    In my review of 2666, I wrote about the effectiveness of ambiguity the power of allowing the reader to infer connections and actively build a personal theory of meaning about a novel The Gold Bug Variations takes a different

  3. Neil Neil says:

    How many ways are there of being alive This was my second time though The Gold Bug Variations For brevity s sake I could write a lot, so be thankful , I ve left my original review below as most of it still holds Here are just a f

  4. Ben Ben says:

    Dear Richard Powers, I m sorry I gave up on your book about a third of the way into it I don t normally do that Even if I m trapped in an airport newsstand without a book, and end up buying The Hunt for Red October , or some Neil Gaiman

  5. Roger Brunyate Roger Brunyate says:

    Music of the Genetic CodeEach time I have finished reading a book by the author The Echo Maker, The Time of Our Singing, andOrfeo, true Powers fans have chimed in with, Ah, but you must try The Gold Bug Variations For them, apparently, it sta

  6. Jonfaith Jonfaith says:

    The Gold Bug Variations wrecked the world of one jon faith a long time ago My ecstatic reply generated ripples of both interest and disquiet I loved the three characters, loved the Midwestern backdrop, the nerdy affinity that adults could maintain

  7. Greg Greg says:

    It s been about five years since I read this book It was so good, so smart and so well constructed that I haven t read another Richard Powers book since I feel like his books need to be saved for just the right time, I don t know when that time is, but I

  8. Nick Craske Nick Craske says:

    function bookReview motifCount, wordPlayStyle1, wordPlayStyle2, KeyMessage arg1 motifCount arg2 wordPlayStyle1 arg3 wordPlayStyle2 arg3 KeyMessage var KeyMessage writeReview motifCount wordPlayStyle1 wordPlayStyle2 KeyMessage return KeyMessage writeReview var

  9. Nicole Nicole says:

    I have been reading this book forever, and now I am finally done And in that sentence lies the explanation for the missing fifth star This book is filled with things to gush about I love the lovers private idiolects I love the library reference desk, where everythin

  10. Steve Steve says:

    A mid 50 s scientist was on the verge of real discovery in the realms of DNA research, and nothing happened Decades later a librarian wants to know why Where d he go What happened If you liked Gravity s Rainbow you might want to give The Gold Bug Variations a look It has

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