[Ebook] Flames of Retribution (Storm of Prophecy #3; The Doln Cycle #1) By Michael Von Werner – Vansonphu.com

Flames of Retribution (Storm of Prophecy #3; The Doln Cycle #1) Through Hardship And Desperation, They Must Reach Doln The City That Has Stood For Centuries As The Center Of The Kingdom Of Ryga Is Now Encircled By That Which It Has Never Before Seen The Likes Of An Army Of Dead, Commanded By A Ruthless And Unyielding Intelligence, Will Stop At Nothing To Claim Those Who Dwell Within For It S Ranks Those Defending It Have Withstood The Initial Attacks But The Wizards Of Gadrale, Having Witnessed The Horrors Their Enemy Is Capable Of Firsthand, Are Convinced That There Is A Greater Plot Afoot Battered And Pushed To Their Limits, Their Small Force Must Not Only Reach The Capitol Past Dangers And The Forbidden Forest But Discover The Nature Of This Threat And Warn The King Before All Is Lost Time Is Not In Their Favor And The Gods Remain Silent Everything Points To A Terrible Prospect This Is Indeed A War For All Kingdoms, A War Foretold By Ancient Prophecy In Which There Can Be No Victory Yet Hope Remains With The Strength And Resolve Of Those Who Would Stand Defiant Against The Storm Of Prophecy The Storm Of Prophecy Book I Dark Awakening Book II Pillar Of Light Book III Flames Of Retribution Book IV Cage Of Mist Book V Pyres Of Sacrifice Book VI Gathering Clouds Book VII The Living Fire Book VIII Tides Of Chaos Book IX Captive Souls Book X Edge Of Fate Forthcoming

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