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Stones Coo is trying to cope with the hand that life has dealt her At sixteen, she feels she s too young to have lost her older brother, Sam, to alcoholism She s skipping school to avoid the sympathy and questions of her friends and teachers, and shunning her parents, angry that they failed to protect her, and desperate to avoid having to face the fact that, towards the end, she began to wish Sam would leave forever even die Then, one day, truanting by the Brighton seafront, Coo meets Banks, a homeless alcoholic and she s surprised to discover that it is possible for her life to get complicatedDespite warnings from her friends and family, Coo and Banks develop an unlikely friendship Brought together through a series of unexpected events, strange midnight feasts, a near drowning and the unravelling of secrets, together they seek their chance for redemption That is, until Coo s feelings start getting dangerously out of hand

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    There are not many things I claim to be an authority on or in but the high price that excess alcohol in a family can cost, is one of them This is a Ya targeted book, a book about a young girl whose brother, an alcoholic has died, and the many changes to the family and herself that she has to work through I understood so many of her thoughts and

  2. Maxine (Booklover Catlady) Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

    Stones is a powerfully emotional story that brings many surprises with it along the way With a range of feelings I read and enjoyed this book, although at times disturbed and concerned at the same time Not a light hearted novel but one that tackles important issues in a dynamic way.What s the book about Coo is trying to cope with the hand that l

  3. Kerri (Book Hoarder) Kerri (Book Hoarder) says:

    What an interesting, melancholy little book this is This book was difficult to read in ways Some books are like that, because they take the reality of humanity and reflect it back to us, and that s not always a pleasant image This book is one of those, and that makes for heavier reading than I was actually expecting, going into this The sort of t

  4. Laurence R. Laurence R. says:

    Actual rating 3.5 5It was a really, really hard read I didn t know what to expect when I started this novel I hadn t read the synopsis or reviews about it, so I went in without knowing a thing However, I think that the title, Stones, prepared me a little for what I was going to read I really liked the descriptions, especially since I ve seen a lot

  5. Dana Dana says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.Wow I need to decompress after this novel.It s very depressing and deals with a lot of heavy stuff However I really enjoyed reading this The writing is beautiful The main character Coo has a very honest voice and a stark attention to detail The novel moves along at a very slow pace but

  6. Sarah Elizabeth Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins UK, Digital and Netgalley 16 year old Coo is struggling to come to terms with the death of her alcoholic older brother, and spendstime walking Brighton beach than attending school.When a homeless man called Banks saves her from another homeless m

  7. Marjolein Marjolein says:

    2.5 StarsFull review to come

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I received this book on Net Galley in exchange for an honest The thoughts and opinions are my own This is not the typical book that I go for, but after reading the description I figured it was a book I would like to read, because it felt like a very honest book.Minor spoilers ahead Coo is a girl who is dealing with a lot of family parental issues, her

  9. Erica Erica says:

    Alright, so I finished this a few minutes but I believe that s when I speak best in a way Overall, I really really enjoyed this book It wasn t like any kind of novel I ve read before While it took me a second, I figured out that the story was told from Britain which was really cool I felt like I got a kind of inside look intoBritish culture The way lan

  10. Natalie Natalie says:

    I received this book through net galley in exchange for an honest review.DNF AT 53%.I really hate DNF books I try to avoid doing this but I really could not get into this book.I had tried for months to finish this but it was just not going to happen sadly.I really was excited for this book, it is all about the issues surrounding a family dealing with t

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