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Safe Haven For a short story, this was incredibly well crafted Even though it s quite clearly bait to get the reader to read the author s book, Phoenix, I actually didn t mind in this case, as it was definitely an interesting little story Rather sick, in places, but still good. Great readReally good story, a real page turner Loved the Vietnam war settings for a supernatural story Looking forward to. A short story from the author of PhoenixVietnam The bloodstained journal of a North Vietnamese soldier is discovered in the jungles of the Central Highlands Nguyen Van Khue is separated from his unit, lost in a forest stalked by grey ghosts When he reaches the remote village of Mau Giang, where Vietnamese and savage tribespeople live together in the shadow of an ancient temple, it seems like a pocket of Utopia in the midst of a vicious war But are the villagers trying to keep the war out, or prevent a dark secret from escaping Delightful Read This was a pretty good short story Loved that it was set in Vietnam Loved the characters Descriptions were great. Creative horrorThis story has a unique air to it The setting is one of beauty and mystery It is an original tale using Vietnamese culture, history and a unique narration characters to spook you Byrne pulls you into another world then fills your mind with images of horror you won t soon forget. Its a gripping short story that is very well written The author really makes you submerged into the atmosphere in the story Its a good paranormal fiction war story Its less then 40pgs and has the 1st chapter preview of the next book at the end of the story That I haven t read The short story was good and free so you can t beat that Found it inkindle ebooks Don t have a kindle, just download the app like I did I m finding some fun free books that way like this one I tend to download a string of free books every few days and then forget about what the books were about by the time I read them Safe Haven by Steve Byrne was one of those books.This is a well told short story that grips the reader immediately There is an overwhelming sense of doom from the onset that prepares the reader for the creepiness and horror that develops A damn good story. Too short a story with no answersThis tale had great potential but it ended without finding out any real answers.It s well written and has good description of people and surroundings it just needs a fewpages. Jeezum crow This shorty was creepy. Very well written Atmospheric horror that builds slowly and doesn t disappoint Personally, I would have liked some extra pages, the end was a little abrupt Even so, it was very good work.

About the Author: Steve Byrne

I grew up during my early years being told and feeling that something was wrong with me Into my teens I became aware that something was wrong with my family Into my 20 s forever referred to as the good old days I was unaware, just living life like a human flame thrower In my 30 s I became aware as stress, failure, accomplishment and depression took hold I grew up searching for a healthy manhood role model in an attempt to raise myself and promising not to pass on my up bringing to others When that is your saving grace used as a survival tool for many years and then you cannot follow through on the promise to yourself, it is devastating It s a condition by which you judge yourself It s a condition you cannot meet What if you cannot stop the cycle that you promised yourself you would

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