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The Last Queen of Sheba A vividly realized and beautifully crafted novel focused around the fabled meeting between Sheba and SolomonAgainst all odds Makeda, daughter of an obscure African chieftain, is chosen as Queen of all Sheba Recognizing her own inexperience, yet desperately wanting to address Sheba s appalling social injustice, she is persuaded by her cousin Tamrin, wealthy merchant and narrator of the novel, to visit Solomon, King of Israel, to find out about how he governs his kingdom She is hugely impressed by Israel s prosperity, by the wisdom and integrity with which Solomon rules, by the Hebrew religion, which she decides to adopt as her own, and by the justice for all that she determines to copyHowever Solomon, who is trapped in a childless and loveless dynastic marriage with Pharaoh s daughter, allows himself to fall in love with the beautiful and intelligent African He eventually tricks her into sleeping with him, and on the return journey to Sheba she discovers that she is pregnantThe son to whom she gives birth grows up in the court of Sheba, and eventually travels to Israel with Tamrin, to meet his father But Solomon is a broken man, having put his doomed love for Makeda and need for an heir before his relationship with God He has taken hundreds of wives and concubines in a fruitless attempt to recapture the love which he and Makeda shared And Israel is no longer the nation of his youthWhen the leader of the nation of God is apostate, where will the blessing fall

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  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    The Last Queen of Sheba by Jill Francis Hudson which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is the stirring and beautifully crafted story of Makeda, daughter of an African chieftain who is crowned Queen of Sheba, at a time when injustice and oppression ruled her land Desperately wanting to bring prosperity and equality to her people, Makeda travels to Israel w

  2. Beverly Beverly says:

    Critics or purists who prefer Bible stories to be free of fictionalization may not care for the concept of this book since its premise is based on just a few lines of scripture in the Old Testament the meeting of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon, David s son Yet, I found the book incredibly insightful and supportive of Biblical precepts The book is prof

  3. Carol Carol says:

    What an intriguing and interesting read The author s research was impeccable Just remember this is historical fiction which means the author may take liberties within the story The history presented in the story portrays the way of lifeduring the 8th century The story shows us how people lived in that time period throughout Ethiopia in addition to Israel Th

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This is a story of Tamrin the merchant, who was destined to advise and indeed lead the rulers around him He himself was very wise, and always willing to learnUsing Tamrin as the point of view was a great idea We get to see these histories unfold under a very wide view because of

  5. Victoria Harrison Victoria Harrison says:

    This is the best Queen of Sheba book, I ve read so far This is the best Queen of Sheba ever It is very real and believable I kept turning the pages, to see what happened next.I wish the Author had written about when Solomon s son got back home to Sheba The book should have ended with the queen of Sheba, since it IS about the Queen.

  6. Shannon Shannon says:

    When I signed up to receive this book, I didn t know what to expect Would it be a story made up from someone imagination with little or no relation to the Bible and those times What a surprise and delightful treat The story begins with, Tamrin the Merchant, and in the days when this story begins I had five hundred and twenty camels and seventy three ships to m

  7. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title The Last Queen of ShebaAuthor Jill HudsonPages 320Year 2014Publisher LionThe tale of Sheba and her queens is told from the sole point of view of Tamrin the Merchant Tamrin s character sheds light on the inner workings of government in Sheba and Jerusalem The Last Queen of Sheba is a work of fiction as there aren t many Biblical or extraneous writings givi

  8. Amy Amy says:

    The Last Queen of Sheba was a mesmerizing book for me While reading this and for a whole week, I was dreaming this book In my dreams I was in the halls and court of the great wise king Solomon I don t normally read a lot of Biblical fiction however this book intrigued me due to its subject matter I always found the account of The Queen of Sheba and Solomon, foun

  9. Jackie Jackie says:

    The Last Queen of Sheba by Jill Francis Hudson is a highly interesting and plausible account of the relationship between King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba Ms Hudson based her fictional story on several sources, including the Bible in which very little is written The Queen of Sheba appears very briefly in the Old Testament, and the Bible just says that she came

  10. Sabrena Sabrena says:

    I won an advanced copy of this book from Goodread First Reads First off, I love reading books by new author that I haven t heard of It is a great way to find my next favorite author I thought that this book was well written I loved the history and the passion that the author felt for the subject The story was told by Tamrin, uncle to Makeda the last Queen of Sheba

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