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Letters Never Sent The story unfolds like a flower the impact of it on each person is profound It s a spectacular offering of love gained, lost, and struggled with over a lifetime a poignant tale with a marvelous reveal at the end Anna Furtado, Lambda Literary ReviewThree women, united by love and kinship, struggle to conform to the social norms of the times in which they livedIn , Katherine Henderson leaves behind her small town in Kansas and the marriage proposal of a local boy to live on her own and work at the Sears Roebuck glove counter in Chicago There she meets Annie a bold, outspoken feminist who challenges Katherine s idea of who she thinks she is and what she thinks she wants in lifeIn , Katherine s daughter, Joan, travels to Lawrence, Kansas, to clean out her estranged mother s house Hidden away in an old suitcase, she finds a wooden box containing trinkets and a packet of sealed letters to a person identified only by a first initial Joan reads the unsent letters and discovers a woman completely different from the aloof and unyielding mother of her youth a woman who had loved deeply and lost that love to circumstances beyond her control Now she just has to find the strength to use the healing power of empathy and forgiveness to live the life she s always wanted to live

10 thoughts on “Letters Never Sent

  1. Bethany Bethany says:

    Oh, this book made me happy, and it was exactly what I needed yesterday I know most of you have read this already, so I ll keep my review short.It s not perfect, but that really doesn t matter The only thing that bothered me somewhat is that the daughter s character, Joan, wouldn t have had a reason to know about the flashbacks in the beginning when they started, so

  2. Corporate Slave Corporate Slave says:

    Oh My I am so glad I picked this book Undeniably one of the best plots I ve read for a while It s one of those books that get you so involved with the characters At times I was so angry, and at other times I was so god damn happy This was an unbelievable emotional roller coaster A very very solid 5

  3. Agirlcandream Agirlcandream says:

    It is interesting to consider how much we take our rights and freedoms for granted in this 21st century Update reread, June 2020 This book continues to impress Seven years since I read it for the first time and many lesfic reads between, my views on some of the characters have changed I found myself feelingcompassion for Joan and less for Kate and Annie I listened to the aud

  4. Gaby LezReviewBooks Gaby LezReviewBooks says:

    There are some books that, no matter how long ago you ve read them, will stay in your memory as if it was just yesterday For me, this is the case of Letters Never Sent by Sandra Moran I ve read it in 2014 and it made such an impact on me that if someone asked me to choose a single lesfic book to recommend, it would be this one.The story set in 1997 revolves around Joan who disco

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I loved this book I haven t been moved by a book in a while This one did it I love books that interplay the past with the present This one does that in a grand way The characters are rich and intriguing I could not put it down I don t usually like my books to bring me to tears, but this one did inthan one point Just reinforced yet again, how very very fortunate we are to be living o

  6. Jude Jude says:

    I m not the book club type I read a lot but for the longest time, I didn t enjoy talking about the books I read They re private, and so are my feelings about them, they re something that is all and only mine Then I began reviewing as a way to get stuff out of my head I also forget a lot, which doesn t make discussing easy But I am friends with other reviewers and when one of them sugges

  7. Sandra Sandra says:

    Letters Never Sent is the debut novel by Sandra Moran, and I have to say I m impressed I m sure I will readfrom this author.Set in 1997 we accompany Joan as she discovered the real story about her mother Katherine After her mother s death, she had to clean out her house and belongings Thereby she finds a wooden box with a few sealed letters, her mother had written in the 1950s to a person

  8. JulesGP JulesGP says:

    The book begins with Joan heading home to a small Kansas town to put her mother s affairs in order after her death There s a lingering bitterness from their shaky relationship which keeps her from being truly sorry about the loss In addition, Joan s feeling lost in her own life, a loveless marriage, unfulfilled dreams Then while Joan s cleaning out her mother s house, she finds letters that par

  9. T T says:

    Undeniably excellent writing i felt like i was right there with these characters, on their long painful journey Which is why it was so painful to listen to so much heartbreak and some graphic trauma Thank God i finished and got the skilfully written closure at the end but while this book has 5 star writing, it was just too depressing and true to life for my tastes.

  10. Joc Joc says:

    Do you ever get that feeling where you loved the emotional toll a books takes on you but you really don t like the characters This is where I am now Joan returns to Lawrence, Kansas to pack up her childhood home after her mother dies Her memories of her mother are not ones of warmth and love At the same time she s having difficulty with her own marriage and what she wants from her life While packing sh

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