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Onset of Darkness at the End of the Day Irma Goose s life sucks It sucks so much she can t keep it to herself Let s hope that moving to Spoons to live with her dad who buys her nice cars and doesn t give her mashed potatoes for dinner helps make her life suck a little less Maybe meeting Joe the Jock who looks good without his shirt will help ease the pain of life Or perhaps she ll bond with the mysterious Count Frederick over Biology He is, after all, really quite beautiful He was beautiful I m not just talking beautiful in that he was handsome, or nice, or a good looking boy, or had decent facial features, a nice jaw, chin, mouth, nose, eyes and a smart clean haircut I m saying that he was beautiful, as in really beautiful Really, really beautiful Really, really really beautiful That is, beautiful Really, really, really, really beautiful One could not look at him without acknowledging his beauty not once but a thousand times Not a thousand times but a million times Not a million times but a million trillion times He was in all respects, beautiful So, so, so, so, so beautiful Wipe your mind of all conceptions of beauty you ever had before you laid eyes on Freddy Smith because after looking at Freddy there is no other kind of beauty, there is simply just Freddy Oh, Freddy Oh you are beautiful Really beautiful He was like a Grecian statue only a lot beautiful than that White alabaster skin chiselled out of marble by God to form features so perfect, so smooth, clean and pure that one would go to any lengths to be able to gaze on just them and nothing else for all of eternity No, longer I can only repeat at this point that he was beautiful His beauty was inversely proportionate to the amount that my life sucked It was as if everything that vacuum cleaner of life had sucked up was being blown back out into my face again I couldn t believe the amazing day I was having, being able to sit next to a boy so unspeakably beautiful Honestly, I could never put it into words You re just going to have to trust me Behold the first instalment of this great asexual Vampire saga in which no taboo is approached, nothing happens and nobody gets the come uppance that they so rightly deserve Thrill as Irma complains about dinner, whines at her dad, drools over potential boyfriends and most importantly, doesn t have sex with Count Frederick It s not the best book I ve ever written Actually I ve only written two short stories This isn t necessarily the best one It s not the most erotic either Clara Brooks The good thing about marketing this short story is that readers will know exactly what they re getting It s an easy sell It doesn t even need to have a proper ending The publisher This is the funniest parody I ve read since Hamlet a reviewer who probably hasn t read Hamlet

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