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Spoils of War (The Barbarian Kings Gay Slave, #1) Spoils of War The first installment of Savannah Quinn s epic portrayal of Barbarian s mixed with Fantasy.SPOILS OF WARDraven Sandborn is the leader of a small village and the last of his name When a barbarian king rides into his home and offers him the chance to surrender he spits on his shoe and shows him to the door.Draven has heard many tales of this would be king, and stories of his tyrannical rule are known far and wide.He takes to the battlefield in search of an honorable death, but the Barbarian King is intent on breaking the young man s spirit before breaking much.The Barbarian King always gets what he desires, and now he needs a supple young man to fulfill the wants and desires of his army.The King leads an army of 1000 against a band of 50 warriors and only one thing is certain, before the night is out one of the two will be on their knees.Warning This gay tale contains strong language and contains scenes of violence, as well as scenes suited only for a mature reader.

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