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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 2 Doctor Who s th Anniversary celebration continues in Prisoners of Time VolumeThe th through th Doctors get a turn from writers Scott and David Tipton, and artists Philip Bond, John Ridgway, Andres Ponce, and Horacio Domingues Collects Issues

10 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Volume 2

  1. Ivy Ivy says:

    5 starsNice to finally be able to know the identity of the man who is taking the Doctor s companions, Adam Also nice to be able to seeof the Doctor s adventures with his companions Can t wait to read Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Volume 3

  2. Sina Sina says:

    ber 50 Jahre Doctor Who Zeit f r ein au ergew hnliches Abenteuer die ersten 11 Doctoren m ssen sich vereinen Ihre Begleiter verschwinden spurlos Die Suche gestaltet sich schwierig, bis der Elfte Doctor auf das Versteck des Entf hrers st t Bei diesem Band handelt es sich um den zweiten Teil des gro angelegten Abenteuers, dass die ersten 11 Doctoren miteinander vereint Vom Siebten bis zum Elften Doct

  3. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    Another OK volume I don t get the same heavy sense of period that I did from some of the earlier issues, but these are OK one off action adventures.The volume had two highlights The Sixth Doctor story is generally great because it feels like something straight out of Doctor Who Magazine, thanks to the inclusion of Frobisher and the artwork.The Eighth Doctor story is strong solely due to Grace, who feels

  4. Jacqueline Jacqueline says:

    Story is still great but the art went from very nice to meh.

  5. Steven Steven says:

    Didn t like the art as much in this book stories where ok.

  6. Adam Graham Adam Graham says:

    So we have four stories featuring the Fifth through Eighth Doctors in the Second Volume of Prisoners of Time1 In Their Nature The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric land in the middle of the Sontaran War against the Rutans Mixed feelings on this one On one hand, there s some profundity in the Story and the Doctor tries to help On the other, he achieves very little Then again, this was the Season 19 Doctor, so that

  7. Christian Petrie Christian Petrie says:

    Onwards to Volume 2 of the Prisoners of Time, and compared to Volume 1, not much different This one we start to see signs of the Doctor working out that something is going on, but we don t haveinformation There isgroundwork laid towards the revelation though.Again my rating on this is split do to that either the artwork is great and the story is okay, or the artwork is okay, but the story if enjoyable.The 5th Doctor s stor

  8. Emily Green Emily Green says:

    In Doctor Who Prisoners of Time, the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth Doctor each has his own plot, and each Doctor faces a different enemy However, amid these plot lines, each Doctor also faces a common enemy, who seeks to get at the Doctor through his companions.The plot lines of the individual stories are interesting, and the end of the volume certainly has a Stay tuned for the next episode kind of feel, but it is interesti

  9. Alex Alex says:

    Chock full of fan service with one off vignettes featuring the fifth through eighth Doctors Unsurprisingly, the story for the Sixth Doctor was the weakest of the bunch.

  10. James Bowman James Bowman says:

    A slight improvement on the first volume, at least in terms of replicating the era s style The Fifth Doctor story is decent and a little sad the Sixth Doctor story failed to fully develop its plot but did have a few moments the Seventh Doctor story is a satisfyingly standard tale of its type and the Eighth Doctor story is decent The framing story is a littleinteresting, and drops some hints about who our villain really is B

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