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The Venus Belt (North American Confederacy #2) Second book set in the same future world, after The Probability Broach I m not sure whether the author MEANT for me to laugh as much as I did, but a lot of it is just plain silly It s also not all that interesting I only read it because These books are fun to read I like the characters The plot moves at a good clip. Another sequel to The Probability Broach with protagonists Win Bear Lucy Libertarian fantasy science fiction Parallel histories, one of which evolved from different post 1776 events into utopian libertarian society Now, people are disappearing from all over, and Win Bear and Lucy a Not as good as I expected The title refers to an event mentioned only in the last few pages and not really part of the story at all An ad hoc collection of events poorly strung together I give it 4 stars instead of 1 or 2 only because of its treatment of a free society. Poor sequel to the probability broach Skip this and read the original. More Than A 150,000 Women Have Been Kidnapped Without A Trace Or Any Ransom Demand In The Normal World Run By The Federalists And The Bureaucracy But That Is Not The Only Problem, Because The Freedom Loving Population In The Alternate Reality Of The North American Confederacy Are Facing Their Own Crises.People Are Disappearing Across The Probability Broach, Including Win Bear S Closest Friend, Featherstone Haugh Who Heads The Confederacy , And Even Win S Wife And Assistant.Ill And Deadly Winds Are Blowing And Threatening To Destroy The Probability Broach As We Know It Win Bear, Keeping One Step Ahead Of Lethal Assassins And Fighting Incredible Odds, Must Solve Multiple Apparantly Disparate Cases That All Seem To Lead To The End Of Freedom.

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