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Breathe (In Vino Veritas, #2) Two People Learn What It Really Means To Give Up Control In The Sizzling New Novel From The Author Of Blush And Surrender To Temptation When Business Mogul Elijah Masterson Travels To The Mexican Coast For His Chain Of Luxury Resorts, He Purchases An Emerald Green Glass Sculpture For One Of The Properties He Is Soon Fascinated By The Fiery Temptress Who Created It The Attraction Between Them Is Instant And Explosive, But Elijah Resists, Unsure That A Woman As Strong Willed As Samantha Would Ever Yield In The Way He Needs Her To.Headstrong Glass Artist Samantha Collins Hides A Secret Desire To Submit To The Right Man Samantha Sees Everything She Wants In Elijah, But Apart From One Steamy Night, He Seems Determined To Keep His Distance She Has Always Held Back, But Refusing To Let Go Now That She S Found The Dominant Man She S Always Wanted, Samantha Makes Elijah An Offer He Can T Refuse A Month Of Absolute Submission.But After A Month Of Incredible Passion, Will Either Of Them Be Able To Walk Away

10 thoughts on “Breathe (In Vino Veritas, #2)

  1. Tana Tana says:

    Breathe In Vino Veritas 2 by Lauren JamesonBreathe by Lauren Jameson is a well written novel, plot and characters development is laid out very well, I found it very easy to read, fast paced and I didn t stop reading it till I got to the end.Lauren Jameson gives the readers and great view of what the bdsm lifestyles demands.We first meet Samantha wh

  2. Jonel Boyko Jonel Boyko says:

    Jameson had me from the first page Her well written and easy to follow storyline takes the world of BDSM and presents it in an understandable and approachable manner Not only my imagination, but also my heart was caught up in this story This is not simply a Dom sub tale, but a journey of discovery Not only did this book make my pulse race, but it also brough

  3. Karielle at Books à la Mode Karielle at Books à la Mode says:

    But being restrained that had been a major turn on More than that, the manner in which Elijah had taken her in his arms after she d had her momentary panic attack had filled something deep inside her The way he d wrapped her in a blanket, held her close, fed her it had been strange and some kind of wonderful to be taken care of.That was what she wanted,than anything s

  4. cosmogirl7481 cosmogirl7481 says:

    I have to start this review by saying that BDSM is generally hit or miss for me Mostly because I m into alpha males, but I don t generally fantasize about a man bossing me around and making me do whatever he wants for his pleasure.With that being said, overall, I enjoyed this book I liked the idea of the heroine, the artistically inclined Samantha, having this secret desire she

  5. MDR MDR says:

    Interesting start to the book with in the first pages you get a little glimpse into what type of theme we should expect throughout the book Right away we start with an incredible encounter with Elijah an interesting, successful and sexy man and a reluctant woman named Samantha To say the least this relationship has many steamy moments with an off the charts attraction It is very...

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    The book starts right off with a bangand your invested in the charactersearly on Then mid way through I honestlystopped caring, it is better written thanthe 50 Shades of Grey series though I wouldtry possibly some of Lauren s other books.

  7. Ana Ana says:

    as i readandi become very irritated with elijah everyting he did with samantha was because he wanted to know her secret he didn t dominated her he manipulated and he called it love oh please no dom does that and the only thing he cared was her secret lame dom

  8. Angela Angela says:

    Don t know why this bothers me so much, but Elijah never told Sam that he loved her He admitted it to himself, but when she said it to him, he didn t say it back.

  9. Debbie Lester Debbie Lester says:

    Lauren Jameson takes readers on a journey into the world of BDSM in her latest erotic novel, Breathe Jameson s ability to write a very sensual story, while still keeping it fresh and innovative will keep the readers attention from the first page to the last Jameson s character development shines in this novel, as well her in depth research and her knack for knowing just how much eroticism is enough but not too much A great ero

  10. Derna Derna says:

    I received an ARC copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Samantha Collins is a glass artist who meets Elijah Masterson one evening, at an erotic theme exhibition that is showing one of her sculptures Elijah is the tall sexy powerful Dominant, and owner of a chain of luxury resorts Samantha is drawn to Elijah as he is to her there is an instance chemistry and attraction that they both try and but can t fight Sa

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