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The UNIX Hater's Handbook: The Best of UNIX-Haters On-line Mailing Reveals Why UNIX Must Die! In the tradition ofstep programs that help people overcome their addictions by sharing stories, The UNIX Haters Handbook is the self help guide for people affected by the world s most esoteric and most widely used operating system Turn here for answers to all important questions, such as Why does the online documentation lie to us Why does the operating system overwrite valuable files with garbage Why does the user s guide bear no relationship to reality Why do the commands have cryptic names that have no bearing on their function What is a grep What is vi Do troffs live under bridges, or are they inverted trons WHERE ARE THEY SENDING ALL THE UPPERCASE LETTERS UNIX It won t go away, so you d better learn to laugh at it

10 thoughts on “The UNIX Hater's Handbook: The Best of UNIX-Haters On-line Mailing Reveals Why UNIX Must Die!

  1. Michael Michael says:

    This book has some funny one liners, but the content is very dated There is also some good history of Unix and C and some interesting anecdotes from the early days of Computer Science.However, the problems with Unix that are outlined are almost completely gone these days This book s tone is overly negative perhaps due to thinking that the problems with Unix would _never_ be fixed.Glad the bad old

  2. vostendrasamigosyotengolibros vostendrasamigosyotengolibros says:

    I think the most funny book about programming that I have read, it s like a UNIX roast and besides it has aged it s a pretty cool history lesson that put some programming principles in debate and that for me was theinteresting part.

  3. Max Max says:

    This book was, among other things, a good history lesson I learnedabout the history of UNIX and computers computer science from this book than in the past three years of studying computer science It also made me aware of some rather horrible design choices in both the old UNIXes and the modern Linux, to some extent.The hating on UNIX going on in this book is written in a highly amusing way, and I f

  4. Senthil Kumaran Senthil Kumaran says:

    Folks who have been using Linux Unix for a long time know about some of it s shortcomings This book presents in a critical manner some of the design decisions made in Unix and it s utilities It is important to know these and not the accept bad design as a matter of fact and without any alternatives This knowledge is helpful to build software that will not fall to similar problems as Unix or some of

  5. Katya Katya says:

    Essentially a book about time travel It s a peek into 80s in Unix world when Sun was not owned by Oracle, when MIT, Berkeley and Bell Labs guys ruled the world in pre startup and pre facebook era.Funny, witty and without worshipping the Founding Fathers But this book is the very fact that all those people care.Most of the flaws bugs were fixed or caused that particular piece of software die a painful

  6. Rex Rex says:

    There is noboring category of programming literature than Unix operating system fundamentals Ok I lied, there are several, but they don t need to be It is a topic I have tried to get into from multiple angles via multiple books and blogs and generally only the most self hating, left brained Aspergers kernal hackers likely truly enjoy the topic as it is preserved in most books.Reading about Unix throug

  7. Ronny Ronny says:

    I admit it I used to be a Unix lover Back in the day, I downloaded Linux on a series of floppies over a 1200 baud modem took me a week , then did the same with FreeBSD I did shell scripting, C programming, and got into flame wars with Mac users who were the sworn enemies of Unix users as far as I was concerned.Since then, I ve taken agoal oriented view of life and well, gotten a life.Now I realize that

  8. Chibimagic Chibimagic says:

    This book is a quick read for its length That s because it consists mostly of emails collected from Usenet If you like reading forum and blog style comments about a subject to learn it, and don t mind 15 year old material, this is a good book This book is funny, insightful, informational, and a bit outdated.It ll put into words all your latent hatred for Linux That s right, Linux With Apple s work and 1

  9. Pavel Pavel says:

    Somewhat dated, but overall a very good book that covers several different topics and how messed up they are due to how they came into being Covers Unix, sendmail, C, C , X, and file systems.Book made me realize that I have been accustomed to a lot of messed up things in Unix and related technologies.

  10. Sahin Habesoglu Sahin Habesoglu says:

    Very fun book to read, full of truth in my opinion I have been in programming world for some time and when I was in college all we were taught was the things that are being described as basically worst ways of thinking about software This is why we have not seen good progress in software for a long time other than very few companies made success financially.

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