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The Longest Day The classic account of the Allied invasion of NormandyThe Longest Day is Cornelius Ryan s unsurpassed account of D Day, a book that endures as a masterpiece of military history In this compelling tale of courage and heroism, glory and tragedy, Ryan painstakingly recreates the fateful hours that preceded and followed the massive invasion of Normandy to retell the story of an epic battle that would turn the tide against world fascism and free Europe from the grip of Nazi GermanyThis book, first published in , is a must for anyone who loves history, as well as for anyone who wants to better understand how free nations prevailed at a time when darkness enshrouded the earth

10 thoughts on “The Longest Day

  1. Matt Matt says:

    The first wave assault troops could not yet see the misty shores of Normandy They were stillthan nine miles away Some warships were already dueling with German naval coastal batteries, but the action as yet was remote and impersonal for the soldiers in the boats Seasickness was still their

  2. Pramod Nair Pramod Nair says:

    6 June 1944 is a day that can be seen as the pivotal point of World War II, which definitely swung the momentum of war in favor of the Allied forces It was a day when the allied forces successfully opened the final European phase of the World War II by invading and gaining footholds on the

  3. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    I think the only reason I didn t rate this higher is the audio narrator, although the format of the book also wasn t to my taste I just felt like a timeline was being regurgitated instead of having a story told What is so amazing to me is just how active this one day in June was, and how it a

  4. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    The Allies messed up the Normandy invasion.The Germans messed up the defence even .Therefore, the Allies won World War II.In the process, quite a lot of people died needlessly.End of story.

  5. Bob Mayer Bob Mayer says:

    Today, on the 72nd anniversary of D Day, this book is as relevant as ever I read it as a youngster and have re read it There are some days that pivotal in world history and 6 June 1944 is certainly one of them To learn the history of that day from all perspectives, winners, losers, innocents ca

  6. Steven Z. Steven Z. says:

    On June 6, 2019 thousands will descend onto the beaches of Normandy to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the allied landing that would eventually bring an end to Nazi domination of Europe during World War II Since my wife and I plan on traveling to Normandy at that time I felt it was important

  7. Silvana Silvana says:

    My first comment in Goodreads about this book is an orgasmic experience Haha, I know some people will be intrigued by such clause and I did receive one comment Anyway, I did mean it This book is orgasmic Seriously.For those who ve seen the movie, better erase it from your memory This kind of book

  8. Mike Mike says:

    One of the greatest books about WWII and D Day I ve read it and seen the movie many times Always good to go back and reread the stories of our hero WWII soldiers for inspiration and gratitude.

  9. W W says:

    Movie review Epic World War II film of the Normandy landings on D Day,June 6 1944.All star cast including John Wayne,Henry Fonda,Robert Mitchum,Sean Connery,Richard Burton and many .Some of the actors had seen action during the war.Great action sequences,a very lengthy film but a very entertaining

  10. Elliot Elliot says:

    After reading The Longest Day it is immediately apparent why my copy of the book has the tagline, The classic epic of D Day printed on the cover In this book, Cornelius Ryan delivers a very human oriented account of D Day.Ryan begins with The Wait that is, he spends a little time describing the buil

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