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The River of No Return You Are Now A Member Of The Guild There Is No Return.Two Hundred Years After He Was About To Die On A Napoleonic Battlefield, Nick Falcott, Soldier And Aristocrat, Wakes Up In A Hospital Bed In Modern London The Guild, An Entity That Controls Time Travel, Showers Him With Life S Advantages But Nick Yearns For Home And For One Brown Eyed Girl, Lost Now Down The Centuries Then The Guild Asks Him To Break Its Own Rule It Needs Nick To Go Back To 1815 To Fight The Guild S Enemies And To Find Something Called The Talisman.In 1815, Julia Percy Mourns The Death Of Her Beloved Grandfather, An Earl Who Could Play With Time On His Deathbed He Whispers In Her Ear Pretend Pretend What When Nick Returns Home As If From The Dead, Older Than He Should Be And Battle Scarred, Julia Begins To Suspect That Her Very Life Depends Upon The Secrets Grandfather Never Told Her Soon Enough Julia And Nick Are Caught Up In An Adventure That Stretches Up And Down The River Of Time As Their Knowledge Of The Guild And Their Feelings For Each Other Grow, The Fate Of The Future Itself Is Hanging In The Balance.

10 thoughts on “The River of No Return

  1. Jenne Jenne says:

    This has everything I love in a book getting invited to join a secret cabal Time travel Regency romance Characters who are actual people Motivations that make sense Also, I really appreciated that keeping people ignorant for their own good was something the bad guys do, NOT the

  2. Melliott Melliott says:

    I almost gave this a fiveand then I hesitated It was wholeheartedly a five until the last 40 or so pages, when I realized that the book would soon be over and yet so much was left unresolved, and it started feeling like someone was taking her time to craft a beautiful, lyrical novel and h

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    We are cowards, really, we time travelers We cheat death over and over Jumping away from one story into another Always pursuing the hope of another day In Bee Ridgway s wonderfully imaginative debut novel, a man and a woman travel through time in a quest to bring down a secret society that controls

  4. Blair Blair says:

    I must confess my initial interest in Bee Ridgway s debut, The River of No Return, was superficial I fell in love with the gorgeous cover TheI read about the premise a time travelling historical romance, with an emphasis on the romance thedubious I became Then there s the fact that it has been widely compare

  5. CuteBadger CuteBadger says:

    At the point of death on a Napoleonic battlefield, Nicholas Falcott finds himself jumping forward in time nearly 200 years and in the care of an organisation called The Guild He doesn t know how he got there, just that he can never go back However after 10 years in the modern world he is told that he must do just that

  6. Cher Cher says:

    4 stars It was great I loved it A wonderful story about time travel, secret elite organizations and an enjoyable love story because don t all great time travel novels have romance in them I don t often say this, but I am pleased to discover the author is working on a sequel one I would pick up without hesitation Favorite Quote

  7. Megan Megan says:

    It s always fun to be surprised by a book you never expected to land on your lap THE RIVER OF NO RETURN was not a book on my radar until one day I received an email that brightened my eyes and made me determined to read this debut by author Bee Ridgway It s a book that blends genres to the point where the word genre no longer makes sense

  8. Kate Powers Kate Powers says:

    The French have a spectacular dessert known as croquembouche a neatly stacked pile of cream filled pastry puffs, wrapped with caramelized sugar Creating it takes a master s skill with pastry dough, egg custards and confectionerie, and a generous dose of patience and attention to detail The River of No Return is a literary croquembouche Just readin

  9. Robbins Library Robbins Library says:

    A lukewarm three stars for this Though the underlying ideas and the plot itself are truly creative, thought provoking, and unique, the writing throughout seemed effortful I never forgot that there was an author writing the story, whereas the best authors make you forget they exist I think it was Stephen King whose advice to writers was to use the first word

  10. Arielle Walker Arielle Walker says:

    There are some genres that I just don t go near Not because they are bad, necessarily, but because every time I try and read anything set in that time place style I end up bored to tears For example, There s just something about the 1800 s that I can t stand being immersed in somehow I just do not care So that knocks out the possibility of me enjoying anything vaguel

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