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A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die It s harvest time in Westbury, Massachusetts, and novice farmer Cameron Flaherty hopes to make a killing selling organic produce But when a killer strikes on her property, her first foray into the world of organic farming yields a bumper crop of locally sourced murder Cam s first growing season has gotten off to a slow start, but her CSA is flourishing thanks to a colorful group of subscribers led by Lucinda DaSilva, an enthusiastic Brazilian volunteer who s vowed to eat nothing but locally produced food for one year When Cam fires her only employee, local handyman Mike Montgomery, because he won t follow organic growing practices, it seems like just another day at the office until she finds him with a pitchfork sticking out of his neckThe police suspect Cam of Mike s murder, but when their investigation goes nowhere, Lucinda joins Cam in the hunt for the real killer In a small New England town full of eccentric locavores, there s no shortage of possibilities from a neighboring farmer who competes with Cam for customers to a Swedish chef whose romantic designs on her have recently taken a turn for the odd And then there s the local militia group with its decidedly nonlocal agenda To clear her name, Cam will have to dig up secrets buried deep beneath the soil of Produce Plus Plus Farm And she ll have to catch a murderer whose motto seems to be Eat local Kill local

10 thoughts on “A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die

  1. Connie Connie says:

    This is an entertaining enough book to pass the time, but not overwhelmingly absorbing The heroine s uncle gives her the family farm when he can no longer do the work,and she turns it into an organic food farm This sets up the possibility for a variety of interesting characters, but most of the supporting cast is indistinguishable perhaps they will be fleshed

  2. Dawn Michelle Dawn Michelle says:

    This book just about drove me crazy I am not sure if it was the formatting or if it just was truly written that way, but WHO writes a sentence where one thing happens and then totally skips on to something else in the next sentence Not next paragraph which is how it should be done , but the next sentence I felt like I was in a bi polar cozy mystery I never kne

  3. Mark Baker Mark Baker says:

    Cam Flaherty has taken over her great uncle s farm and is hoping to adjust to her new life as a farmer in her first growing season However, things take an unexpected turn when she finds her recently fired farm hand, Mike Montgomery, dead in the hoop house with a pitchfork in his neck Can she figure out who killed him The book starts a little slowly, but once th

  4. Gigi Gigi says:

    A mystery series about organic local farming I love both, so this was a perfect premise for me In this first book in the Local Foods mystery series, we meet Cam Flaherty, who has taken over her uncle s farm in Massachusetts, after being a computer programmer I got a kick out of the name of Cam s CSA Produce Plus Plus a play on C computer programming Little detai

  5. Linda Linda says:

    This was a good first book to the series I liked the characters even if I was suspicious of several of them The mystery kept me guessing and the ending was very exciting Looking forward to readingin the series.

  6. Liz Mugavero Liz Mugavero says:

    Edith Maxwell knocks it out of the park with the first in her Local Foods series Cam Flaherty, who takes over her uncle s organic farm and immediately finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation, is a great protagonist And the murdered victim well, who can resist an unruly employee meeting his demise by pitchfork I got a sense of knowing Cam right away, like

  7. Teighlor Chaney Teighlor Chaney says:

    How could I not love a book about a cat loving, organic farming, wannabe sleuth Well love is a strong word, but I did enjoy the story and will likely read the others by Maxwell in this series There is actually very little detective work that goes on in this story It is primarily about her experiences as a city girl turned farmer with a murder thrown in It would wor

  8. Vickie Vickie says:

    Overall, I liked this first in a new to me series A nifty premise of a computer programmer, Cam, come home to run her uncle s farm that he s given her in Massachusetts She wants it to be organic and is working hard, even with odds against her Someone is sabotaging her crops and a former employee is found dead in her barn I liked her blossoming relationship with a ch

  9. KyBunnies KyBunnies says:

    I have read this book before but I do not exactly remember when It was an good mystery, but the farming parts just did not ring true to me With the character thinking that she can just remove a little bit of the soil and then attempt to rake in the rest of any salt that fell off the plants is just not right If enough salt was put on the plants to kill them then enoug

  10. Teri-K Teri-K says:

    This is a pretty good first book for a cozy mystery series The author is a former certified organic farmer, so she got the gardening details right and understands how much work a CSA requires The mystery was well done, I wasn t sure who did it until the final unveiling, and there are some interesting minor characters to meet along the way I even liked that the heroine

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