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Nan Domi: An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Voudou Like all the great religions Voudou has an external, public practice of rituals and ceremonies and also an internal, mystical dimension Before Nan Domi, works about Voudou have concentrated on the spectacular outward manifestations of Voudou observance hypnotic drumming and chanting, frenetic dancing, fits of spirit possession But practically all reports on Voudou are outsider accounts, which means that they are stopped at the threshold Mimerose Beaubrun, educated as an anthropologist, set out to write another such work, but in the process she met the woman who would become her ultimate teacher and guide to the religion s internal mysteries Tante Tansia, whose knowledge, wisdom and spiritual power govern the text of Nan DomiNan Domi is the only account of Voudou s private, mystical, interior practice that has been offered to the public so far Its content stands in the same relation to ceremonial Voudou as Zen to conventional Buddhism, Sufism to conventional Islam, the practice of the desert saints to conventional Christianity Mimerose Beaubrun has been a student of Voudou for half of her life, but she is also an adept, and in this uniquely valuable work, she divests herself of all scholarly apparatus to speak from Voudou s purest heart

10 thoughts on “Nan Domi: An Initiate's Journey into Haitian Voudou

  1. Gabrielle Villard Gabrielle Villard says:

    Let s not kid ourselves , I am no pro at writing reviews but considering that it wasn t read by many , I thought I d start.First of all I have no words to describe how fascinating Nan Domi was It isthan a good read or an amazing book Nan Domi is instructive and an eye opener It treats a different aspect of Voodoo which was too long kept in the dark and solely considered sat

  2. Myriam Myriam says:

    Read this in the original FrenchBeaubrun, who had been writing an anthropological text on vodou lost all her papers in flood she re wrote the text from memory, in a trance, while also practicing dream analysis Her conclusions give great insight in the practice of vodou from a place of profound engagement, without the usual sensationalism associated with vodou Her sources are most

  3. Leyla Leyla says:

    Un r cit tr s personnel de l initiation au vodou de Manz , qui porte beaucoup de r flexions sur l essence de la culture ha tienne et sur celle de l esprit humain Cependant, le style est assez r p titif et on arrive assez vite a en avoir assez de la personnalit un peu immature de Manz et de son manque de confiance en elle m me ce qui est tout fait compr hensible, elle tait tr s jeune lo

  4. Ariel Sa Ariel Sa says:

    It s a must read I hope one day, this book will be an essential in the curriculum So much to learn, so much to explore Every human especially Haitians should read this.

  5. Marsha Marsha says:

    First, let me say thank you for I won this book through First Reads I have been interested in various spiritual beliefs for quite a while I m curious about different belief systems that are outside of the big ones Growing up I was always afraid to even think about what other religions or spiritualities consisted of or believed because I was always taught that everything else was evil or satanic an

  6. City Lights Booksellers & Publishers City Lights Booksellers & Publishers says:

    Nan D mi stays localized in Haiti, yet its universality, like that of Buddhism or Hinduism or any of the enduring religious worldviews, becomes apparent from Beaubrun s instructive guidance into this transferable territory She directly confronts the same questions that arise in every worldview, every philosophy, every religion, and every scienceBeaubrun takes us along the Vodou path to comprehending th

  7. Justin Justin says:

    I received this book, for free, in exchange for an honest review This book is a story of spiritual progress in the style of Carlos Castaneda This book seems somewhat dry compared to other spiritual tales such as Way of the Peaceful Warrior A Book That Changes Lives or The Alchemist Additionally, the frequent use of non english words hurt the book s flow.I didn t find much I could adapt to my own practice.This

  8. World Literature Today World Literature Today says:

    Nan D mi is Mimerose Beaubrun s fascinating, first person narration recounting her study of, and initiation into, Haitian Vodou What began as a doctoral thesis in anthropology on the lakou became the detailed description of Beaubrun s reaching, with Aunt Tansia as her primary mentor, the state of lucid dreaming, Nan D mi Robert H McCormick Jr., Franklin University SwitzerlandThis book was reviewed in the November

  9. Karen Ashmore Karen Ashmore says:

    Even though I had never read this book before, I felt I had lived some of the experiences previously or at least dreamed them Some of the descriptions were crystal clear to me and other concepts I struggled to understand It was self affirming that some of her interpretations of different lakou were the same as mine This was an excellent intro to an individual s journey into Haitian vodou Some day I want to experience tha

  10. Damien Damien says:

    The best thing about this book is that it was not written by a white American, but by an actual Afro Haitian Another great thing about this book is that it simportant message was about developing spirituality, something a few of the white American know it alls tell you is not the purpose of Vodou Also, the author does not bother to shame the reader to stop appropriating other people s cultures something most white Americans do

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