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His Lucky Break Sean Dunston likes to take pictures preferably of beautiful female models who serve as inspiration for his digital paintings Today the hot young model Mata Hari is killing it in his studio doing glamour shots for him to use in creating his next work A little accident in the studio seems harmless enough at first but soon the model is going way past glamour shots without Sean even asking And the next thing you know, she s naked and while the shoot may be over, the action s just getting started Words ,

10 thoughts on “His Lucky Break

  1. Mr. Mr. says:

    For what it was it did the job The accessible premise was set up for the larger series, while the heat was good and well described Yes, the rating is probably a little generous for my higher MC Forum standards, but I read this casually instead of analytically As such, this is an excellent casual read.

  2. Marc Cabot Marc Cabot says:

    I loved it, of course I wrote it

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