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Eisenhower: A Soldier's Life From the bestselling author of Patton A Genius for War comes a compelling new account of the transformation of General Dwight D Eisenhower, from apprehensive soldier to one of our greatest heros In the weeks leading up to D Day, Dwight D Eisenhower seethed with nervous energy He had not expected his military career to bring him to this moment The son of pacifists, Ike graduated from high school likely to teach history than to make it Casting new light on this profound evolution, Eisenhower chronicles the unlikely, dramatic rise of the supreme Allied commander Beginning with the lasting effect of Eisenhower s impoverished youth, bestselling biographer Carlo D Este follows his subject through West Point and a sometimes troubled marriage toil under MacArthur in the Philippines during the s the inner sanctums of the War Department the general s painful North African apprenticeship and, finally, the dramatic events leading to the Allied victory in MayExposing for the first time numerous myths that have surrounded the war hero and his family such as his romance with his wartime driver, Kay Summersby , D Este also probes Eisenhower s famous clashes with his American peers and the British chiefs of staff, as well as his relations with legendary figures, including Winston Churchill and George S Patton Unlike other biographies of the general, Eisenhower captures Ike s true character, from his youth to the pinnacle of his career and afterward

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  1. Peter Beck Peter Beck says:

    Carlo D Este s Eisenhower is nothing less than a tour de force It reminded me of reading the first volume of Edmond Morris s masterful TR trilogy The only downside is that D Este s ends rather abruptly with Ike accepting Nazi Germany s surrender in May 1945 and he has not written a sequel, so you will have to look elsewhere to learn about Ike s presidency and the fate of the fascina

  2. Steve Steve says:

    Eisenhower A Soldier s Life by Carlo D Este was published in 2002 and remains one of the most frequently read books on the thirty fourth president D Este is a biographer, a military historian and a retired Lt Colonel in the U.S Army He is best known for his critically acclaimed biography Patton A Genius for War Excellent in many respects, D Este s biography of Eisenhower is regrettably no

  3. David Shaffer David Shaffer says:

    Carlo D Este is a wonderful World War II Biographer and this book is just another fine example of that I would encourage anyone with an interest in Dwight Eisenhower to read this.

  4. Aaron Million Aaron Million says:

    D Este writes an exhaustive biography of Eisenhower up to the end of the European theater of WWII in May 1945 Clearly, he spent many years working on this massive tome Exquisite detail is evident throughout the book, starting with the background of Eisenhower s father, David, continuing through Eisenhower s youth and his often contentious relationships with his several brothers, on through his years

  5. Todd Todd says:

    A good, thorough and impartial biography of Eisenhower The book focuses on his career as a soldier and military leader and thus ends immediately following the signing of the armistice in Europe I m tempted to say that, as a biography, this book isn t as good as D Este s definitive work on Patton But I m not sure it would be a fair comparison, Patton was such a mercurial figure, both grandly heroic and trag

  6. Andrew Dockrill Andrew Dockrill says:

    Eisenhower A soldier s Life was my first introduction to Carlo D Este and he didn t disappoint although I would say that he is likely not my favorite author that still is no discredit to his ability His writing flowed well and felt like a story and he really brought Ike s life alive The book itself covers between Ike s birth and youth all the way to the end of World War 2, which, to me is a rather strange layout

  7. Rich Torreson Rich Torreson says:

    D Este delivered a very good account of Eisenhower s life and career up to the end VE Day It does not go past 1945 and into his years as president That doesn t in any way diminish his effort He gives sufficient coverage of his childhood, time at West Point, and his marriage to Mamie World War II, of course, constitutes the bulk of the book My only criticism is that a major theme of the book is that too much is made of

  8. Iain Iain says:

    D Este does a fantastic job, not only capturing Eisenhower the man, but also in presenting and analyzing the Western Allies struggle against the Axis, and each other, in World War II I admit to only reading the 350 odd pages after the Torch landings in Africa, but they left we wanting to readby D Este, and that s high praise indeed.

  9. Jens Jens says:

    Great to get to know a romanticized hero his dark periods, insecurities, development, career path, character and childhood With awesome hindsight the author often discusses single events from different perspectives based on how the key players noted it in their own diary it were different times, but it were epic times.


    Well Done This is the most comprehensive and even handed history of one of the greatest periods of the 20th Century A human icing description of the man and his immediate staff..

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