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Earth's Adventures: The Story of Geology for Young People From the dust jacket Here is the tale of our planet s adventures since it was pulled out of the sun ,,, years ago It is a story of excitement and constant change of collisions with huge meteorites, of eruptions that covered bare ground with lava, and of oceans that formed between high places which turned into continents EARTH S ADVENTURES tells how we may discover these changes of long ago and find out the real meaning of others that are going on today We learn that water, which washes mud from roadsides, also made the Grand Canyon of Arizona and shaped the breath taking Rainbow Bridge Waves ripple across pleasant bays, but they also break cliffs to bits and build new land in the sea For our most exciting discovery is this right now, and under our very eyes, the earth is having the same great adventures it had during ancient ages We can watch them when we travel or hike even when we stand at a window waiting for a storm to end Dr Fenton has written this book to help boys and girls understand and interpret these changes

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