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Intellect: Mind over Matter In Intellect Mind Over Matter, Dr Mortimer J Adler argues that in the conflict between ancient and modern approaches to the study of the mind key insights have been lost that bear on contemporary psychology According to Adler, the intellectual powers of the human mind have either been denied or neglected, or they have been reduced to the mind s sensitive powers sense perception, memory, and imagination With that goes a further reduction of all psychological phenomena to the action of the sense organs and the brainAdler s thoroughgoing critique of both of the above reductions restores the intellect to its primacy in the understanding of the mind He explains the intellect s uniqueness, its immateriality, the role it plays both in our sense experience and in our knowledge of an independent reality, and how it functions as the source of meaning in our use of language

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  1. Paul Paul says:

    This small volume 205 pages, including index presents a forceful case for the existence of a distinct human nature that makes us fundamentally different from any other kind of animal Intellect was published in 1990, when its author was 87 It represents the views of someone who had spent a long life learning, think

  2. Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor says:

    Ever since I discovered, collected, and have started my lifetime of studying The Great Books of the Western World , Mortimer J Adler has emerged as one of my heroes A true polymath, his foundations lie in a classic liberal education, and practical experience gained teaching experimental psychology and philosophy.In Inte

  3. Michael Connolly Michael Connolly says:

    Mortimer Adler, a partisan of Aristotle, present Aristotle s theory that the mind is immaterial Aristotle s argument is that when we think abstractly, we are abstracting the form away from the matter Each object in the world is a combination of matter and form The concept of a chair in our minds is a combination of the forms

  4. علي علي says:

    A brief summary of one of the arguments presented in the book to mention, this is not intended to cover in detail the argument presented by the Author, rather just to provide a simple overview of the main thesis of the first half of the book The book itself isdetailed, explanatory and thorough and hence one should most definitely r

  5. Rob Smith, Jr. Rob Smith, Jr. says:

    All that Intellect presents has cometrue since it s first publication Instead of reasoned conclusions, imaginary fantasy is creating laws and warping mindset Mortimer Adler would be considered very un P.C today Likely why his name seems to have disappeared during the Great Ideas conferences he developed at the Aspen Institute I m almost

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