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The Dream Thief While looking for her missing brother Matt in the world of Abadazad, Kate needs all the help she can get, especially when she encounters the Lanky Man, a heartless individual who wants to steal children s dreams

About the Author: J.M. DeMatteis

Also Credited As DeMatteis, John MarcEllis, MichaelLombego, WallyBio J.M DeMatteis was a professional musician singer and rock music journalist before entering comics in the late 70 s.Credits include Spider Man, Moonshadow, Brooklyn Dreams, Justice League, Abadazad, Hero Squared, the Life and Times of Savior 28.Created I, Vampire , Creature Commandos, Moonshadow, Hero Squared co creator , Abadazad, Stardust Kid, Savior 28 and.

10 thoughts on “The Dream Thief

  1. BookWormYami BookWormYami says:

    I read this book right after I finished the first one in the series I loved it just as much as the first one And in this one, we get introduced to a couple of new characters I love them all It s definitely worth a read Fast paced, crazy, cool characters and magical

  2. Amy Amy says:

    I read this book immediately after reading the first in the series The Road to Inconceivable back to back, so I am doing a sort of joint review Even if you haven t read the first book, please check out my journal entry on it as there are a couple of great stories there.This book is

  3. Kueen Kueen says:

    My Aunt hip me to all these books right here I am an adult and still like these books.

  4. Georgette Georgette says:

    Five years ago, little Matt Jameson got on a ride in a street fair and disappeared without a trace His older sister Kate Jameson and mother Frances are frequently at odds with each other ever since return return Kate is now 14, your average rebellious teenager with a taste for heavy metal and being

  5. Rob McMonigal Rob McMonigal says:

    Kate s adventures in Abadazad continue in this second book She s out to find the Lanky Man so she can get her brother Matty back, but it s not quite as easy as it sounds Though she has powerful friends in the Queen and her various courtesans, they cannot help her find her brother, at least not yet.This of co

  6. Nick Nick says:

    This continuation of the story has the same strengths and weaknesses as volume 1, but carries the story deeper into the fantasy world of the Abadazad books DeMatteis goesdeeply into the idea that the way a fantasy world is portrayed in stories about that world may not be quite the way it would be, if you happened to

  7. Brandy Brandy says:

    I was so excited to find these two volumes at the used bookstore I read the first issue of the comic when it came out, and I was intrigued But the translation to a hybrid novel just doesn t work As a half prose, half comic hybrid, we get entirely too much of Kate s voice clear and distinct, but also bitter, angsty, and snotti

  8. Kit Kit says:

    Kate s asympathetic character in book 2 of this series, and her diary entries read a littlesmoothly, still with the erasures and cross outs that show that her newfound self knowledge is still a little shaky The people and places of Abadazad really shine in this installment The author does a great job of giving Abadazad a Wizard of Oz,

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    The first and second books kept me on the edge of my seat, and the illustrations are the cherry on top of the sundae The only bad part about these books is that they only published the third book in the UK and I ve been trying to find a resonably priced copy for years but have come up short The series would ve been overall better if they make

  10. Matthew Matthew says:

    The Abadazad series is one of my absolute favourite book series of all time I utterly adore the spunky protagonist three dimensional and funny , the illustrations are stupendously, magnificently, wonderously drawn and I just love the overall theme of the series, the ideas, the nods to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series, and the plot To think that I will

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