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Himmler Remarkably, this is the first full length biography of a man often seen as the very personification of evil Heinrich Himmler was not only head of Hitler s SS police and Gestapo, but was also in charge of the death camps in the East The account of Himmler s life and his impact on the rise and fall of the Nazi state make a gripping and horrifying story But than this, it is a profound moral and intellectual inquiry into the nature of evil in the human character

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  1. fourtriplezed fourtriplezed says:

    For me, as a reader of WW2 history for over 40 years, the figure of Heinrich Himmler looms large At one point the 2nd most powerful individual in the 3rd Reich A veritable minister for everything But oddly one of those characters who I had never really read about in too much depth So with Peter Padfield s 1990 biography I had high hopes of learning as to what

  2. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    I read John Toland s 1000 page plus biography of Hitler and I was enthralled There isn t a dull page in the whole book, it grabs you and propels you with increasing velocity through the almost unbelievable events, and en route you meet the gang who made the Third Reich possible, and what an unlikely crew they were Out of all of them, the weird figure of Himmle

  3. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    I read this alongside Wachsmann s history of the German concentration camps, Himmler having been in charge of them.Basically, this is a biography of Heinrich Himmler, arranged chronologically Most of it concerns his public life with the NDSAP and SS, but the author also attempts to explain him psychologically with reference to his childhood and adolescence The

  4. vhatos vhatos says:

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  5. Paul Paul says:

    Been ill so not posted or read much last few months but I return with five stars for this The author regularly uses supposition to suggest Himmlers mind set or motives but I found this most enjoyable and this is every bit as good as Peter Longrich s superb offering I read the authors Donitz too and I really like his style as well as excellent research and underst

  6. Kane Faucher Kane Faucher says:

    A thick, authoritative tome of evident scholarship weighted by meticulous research detail There were a few too many orphaned speculations that the book might have done better to leave out rather than leave unexplored It does tend to wander away from its subject at times, which account for the occasional sequencing issues perhaps understandable given the complexity

  7. Mari Stroud Mari Stroud says:

    Just give me the facts Your psychological insights ain t that deep, bro.

  8. Lee Murray Lee Murray says:

    I struggled mightily to read this book I actually set it aside for a while I was intrigued by Himmler and wanted to read this book He was a critical figure in Nazi Germany, and therefore important The material when the author could stick to it was wonderful One of the highlights was that the Holocaust was not a by product of the war, but the primary reason for the w

  9. Gregory Gregory says:

    Made it a few pages and stopped Boring

  10. Curt Rude Curt Rude says:

    How could the masses follow this mindset Numbing research that will haunt those who read it Every walk of life was all to eager to benefit from, and to play by the new rules Suddenly certain people were deemed worse than animals and Judges and Politicians and andgot Nazi crazy.

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