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A Fast Paced Follow up to the BestsellingSuspense Elisha s Bones Just three years after the recovery of Elisha s bones, Dr Jack Hawthorne has given up teaching and resumed the practice of archaeology, although his frequent absences have put a strain on his relationship with Esperanza Things heat up when Esperanza receives a call from an antiquities dealer with troubling news about Jack, and her fears are confirmed Jack has gone to Libya in search of another biblical artifact the Nehushtan, the serpent staff of MosesAfter Jack arrives in Libya, he soon discovers he isn t the only one searching for the Nehushtan Later, in attempting to steal it, he finds himself in the hands of a man who just might be his match Jack and his friends must stay one step ahead of the Libyan government, an overambitious member of the Vatican hierarchy, and an Egyptian assassin if they stand any chance of staying alive long enough to recover the staff Serpent of Moses

About the Author: Don Hoesel

Don Hoesel works in the Communications department for a Medicare carrier in Nashville, TN He has a BA in Mass Communication from Taylor University and has published short fiction in Relief Journal He lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his wife and two children He s published two novels Elisha s Bones, released in March 2009, and Hunter s Moon, coming in February 2010.

10 thoughts on “Serpent of Moses

  1. Ellen White Ellen White says:

    Jack has given up teaching and back to archeology As well as his girlfriendEsperanza who gets exasperated with him being late all the time He is on a quest of an item that hasn t been handle in a thousand years, the serpent staff of Moses As is t

  2. Joshua Travers Joshua Travers says:

    My biggest problem was that I didn t care for how he dealt with the Bible, although his approach to faith was interesting I didn t care for the action either.

  3. Yiya Yiya says:

    This book is a quest to find the legendary brass snake that Moses set on a pole the same snake that the Israelites could look up on in order to get healed from snake bites Serpent of Moses assumes that the relic was not destroyed by Moses, making it on

  4. Shaun Shaun says:

    Jack is back No, not Jack Bauer Jack Hawthorne You know Jack Hawthorne, former Evanston University professor and archaeologist for hire who first came on the scene in Elisha s Bones Bethany House, 2009 The last time we saw Jack, he and the lovely Esperanz

  5. Leona Leona says:

    From the Back CoverMoses built and lifted up the brass serpent,healing the afflicted Israelites of snakebites.King Hezekiah called the serpent Nehushtan Long thought destroyed, it s been buried for millennia, secreted under the region s shifting sands.Now th

  6. Victor Gentile Victor Gentile says:

    I had the privilege of interviewing Don Hoesel, on our radio show Kingdom Highlights , for his new book, Serpent of Moses Book Two in the Jack Hawthorne series published by Bethany House Publishers.From the Back Cover Moses built and lifted up the brass serpent

  7. Kathleen (Kat) Smith Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

    Thinking back to my younger days and sensing what types of movies and book really appealed to me, I d have to say action adventure with a twist of romance Now I was fortunate enough to find myself with the opportunity to review Don Hoesel s latest novel, Serpent o

  8. Lisa Johnson Lisa Johnson says:

    Title Serpent of MosesAuthor Don HoeselPages 320Year 2012Publisher Bethany HouseNote I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Follow my other reviews at and on twitter lcjohnson1988 In the Old Testament, Numbers chapter 21, the Israelites were

  9. Megan Megan says:

    Note This review is by a guest reviewer my husband, Addison Please be kind it s his first review Serpent of Moses is a good book and I had a fun time reading it When I first read the description of the book, and its main character, the intrepid archaeologist Jack Hawtho

  10. E.A. West E.A. West says:

    Archaeologist Jack Hawthorne is on a quest to find the Nehushtan, the brass serpent staff of Moses Unfortunately, he s not the only one who wants it Mercenaries, the Mossad, simple villagers everyone seems to want to lay claim to this biblical relic that has rested undistu

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