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Joy Joy Bang Is Dead, But Her Memory Lives On In The Fond Heart Of Baby Palatine, The Elderly, God Fearing Woman Who Raised The Bang Girls And Watched Them Rise From A Bay Area Ghetto To A Dazzling Brush With Fame As A Supremes Style Singing Trio Baby S Evocative And Engaging Voice Echoes With A A Music Of Its Own, As She Recreates The Life And Death Of Her God Sent Child

10 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Monica Monica says:

    I read this back in the early nineties and loved it The ending was a surprise and not predictable which most books r Joy i must say was a hot mess and she reminded me of two things that people only allow u to see what they want u to see but eventually whatever is done in the dark comes to light The elderly woman basically has a fondness for joy as she is growing up and sees nothing but

  2. Lisagilbert Lisagilbert says:

    A bizarre ending but could listen to the voice of baby p all day.

  3. Monica Monica says:

    I actually read this book in 93 when i was in high school and loved it The family is crazy and Joy is sneaky and selfish and the ending shock me and it should be a movie.

  4. Pamela Pamela says:

    One of my favorite books ever Have readthan once Actually gave out a few copies I had purchased when Karibu Books were still in business.

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