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The Key Time is short for Mack MacAvoy and the Magnifica Mack hates doing homework that s what golems are for , but it seems that the only way to defeat the Pale Queen and her evil daughter, Risky, is to learn the magical language of Vargran If only ancient, magical languages came with cheat sheets Oh But they do Or at least, this one does We can t speak for any other ancient, magical languages Mack, Jarrah, Xiao, Dietmar, and Stefan travel to Europe to find the Key, an engraved stone that unlocks the power of Vargran But can they locate the invisible castle of William BlisterthOng MacGuffin, who guards the Key Yeah, we said Blisterthong Yeah, it s as painful as it sounds Mack has less than thirty days to master Vargran, round up the rest of the Magnifica, and defeat Princess Risky Will the Key be enough Or is there something else Mack must find in order to save the world The MagnificentThe Key is another fast paced episode in bestselling Michael Grant s hysterically funny fantasy adventure

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  1. Beagle Lover (Avid Reader) Beagle Lover (Avid Reader) says:

    4 starsAnother wonderful book in this series Mr Grant proves once again how well he can relate to middle grade readers and adults alike Mack and his assembled section of the 12 get intotrouble, meetvillains and travel a lot to find the remaining members that will form the Magnificent 12 But can he do it before

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Mack is still trying to assemble the Magnificent 12 when he finds himself captured by a thousand year old bad guy in a hidden castle Needless to say, things are not going to well for Mack Luckily though, he s not alone and a few Vargran words might help him and the other Magnifica escape and join up with a fewwith t

  3. Andd Becker Andd Becker says:

    The attention grabbing first sentence of Book Three in the series shows that a boy is in trouble After several pages of narrative, the author omniscient narrator goes back in time into the action packed adventures that have predated the dramatic opening sentence In the midst of the action, the 12 year old boy gets a messa

  4. Chris Chris says:

    This continues to be an entertaining series for young teens Mack is still trying to round up all 12 members of the Magnifica in an attempt to save the world from the Pale Queen His golem, who looks like Mack but has the brains of, well, um, mud, continues to stand in for Mack at home and school The golem becomes a bigger player

  5. Kim McGee Kim McGee says:

    The Magnificent 12 never disappoints From the first book to the latest, The Key, Michael Grant will have kids on the floor laughing and holding their sides The story is an unlikely hero, Mack who is visited by an old man in the boy s room at school and asked to save the world by finding the other eleven Magnifica and fight the evil q

  6. Jeff Raymond Jeff Raymond says:

    The Magnificent 12 picks back up after a somewhat rocky in my opinion second book This is a series I m sticking with even though I don t think I ve heard anyone else talking about it A strange occurrence for what appears to be a fairly successful series thus far.In The Key, the kids need to learn a magical language rather quickly, while M

  7. Florence Florence says:

    This is a wonderful, new novel from the author of the Gone series This book will entertain all ages, as it has a very savvy sense of humor If you are intrigued by stories of fantastic and magical factors, this book is right on point Mack MacAvoy and Magnifica travel to Europe an must learn a magical language For intense fans of fantasy, that plo

  8. Manal Manal says:

    It s possible to be very brave some of the time And pants wetting scared another time That s the reality of it The same person can run away in blind terror one moment, then turn suddenly and face certain death with unearthly determination Humans are strange that way.

  9. Shannon Shannon says:

    Another part in the fun adventure that is the Magnificent 12.Also kudos to Michael for briefly mentioning his own Animorphs books within the story.

  10. Ewan Ewan says:

    It s Very funny I m serious.

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