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The Barbarous Years From An Acclaimed Historian Of Early America, A Compelling Account Of The First Great Transit Of People From Britain, Europe, And Africa To The British Colonies Of North America And Their Involvements With Each Other And The Indigenous Peoples Of The Eastern Seaboard.The Immigrants Were A Mixed Multitude Coming From England, The Netherlands, German And Italian States, France, Africa, Sweden And Finland They Moved To The Western Hemisphere For Different Reasons, From Different Social Backgrounds And Cultures Even The Majority That Came From England Fitted No Distinct Socioeconomic Or Cultural Pattern They Came Bearing Their Diverse Life Styles From Commercialized London And Southeast From Isolated Farmlands In The North From Midlands Towns South And West They Represented A Spectrum Of Religious Attachments They Came Hoping To Re Create These Diverse Lifestyles In A Remote And, To Them, Barbarous Environment In The Early Years, Their Stories Are Mostly Ones Of Confusion, Failure, Violence, And The Loss Of Civility As They Sought To Normalize Situations And Recapture Lost Worlds And In The Process, They Tore Apart The Normalities Of The People Whose World They Had Invaded Later Generations Often Gentrified These Early Years Of The Peopling Of British North America, But There Was Nothing Genteel About It Bernard Bailyn Shows That It Was A Thoroughly Brutal Encounter Not Only Between The Europeans And Native Peoples And Between Europeans And Africans, But Among Europeans Themselves, As They Sought To Control And Prosper In The New Configurations Of Life That Were Emerging Around Them It Is These Vivid, Compelling Stories That Bailyn Gives Us In This Extraordinary, Fresh Account Of The Early Years Of Our Nation.

10 thoughts on “The Barbarous Years

  1. Hadrian Hadrian says:

    The history of the inhabitants of the Atlantic Seaboard in the 17th century was no Thanksgiving dinner party Instead, it waslike Hobbes dictum that life is full of continual fear, and danger of violent death solitary, poor, nasty, bruti

  2. Janet Biehl Janet Biehl says:

    I m proud to have copyedited this fine book.

  3. Diana Diana says:

    This book was impressive and eye opening Certainly much different from the whitewashed history of American colonization I read Of course you get the general idea that the Native Americans got the short end of the stick etc but this book is horrifyingly des

  4. Brent Brent says:

    They were provincials, listening for messages from abroad, living in a still barbarous world, struggling to normalize their own way of life, no less civil, they hoped, than what had been known before This sentence from page 529 ends this great book I couldn t put it

  5. Peter Peter says:

    I know it was bit of a slog, and took months to finish, but don t judge a book by how long it takes one to read it This is a masterpiece of historical writing If you want to know how it felt to be a part of the European settlement of the New World, you can trust Dr Bailyn to

  6. David David says:

    Dr Bailyn has created another masterpiece detailing the European settlement of what is now the United States I found the title particularly of note, in that it extends to not only the physical violence of the clash between European and native cultures, plus the extraordinary survival c

  7. Mary Mary says:

    There aren t many history books I can read in 100 page chunks This was one Usually the only thing that stopped me reading was my eyes refusing to focus any longer I thought Bailyn did an excellent job of showing both the big picture and details of individual colonists His structure is geographic

  8. George George says:

    I was primarily interested in reading this book as further background for my part time job as an historical interpreter at Pioneer Village in Salem, MA This is a great curative for books that make our history sound like one long, glorious march of progress.This is a scrupulously researched, very detailed

  9. Nathan Albright Nathan Albright says:

    This is not a book to be devoured in my usual fashion It is a book that requires a fair bit of time to read, with over 500 pages of material, and also requires at least a little bit of reflection to digest it Being fond of reading material about the colonial period of my country as well as material about the region

  10. Clarence Hayes Clarence Hayes says:

    A well written comprehensive survey of the historical literature on the first 3 4 generations of European settlement on the Atlantic coast from Virginia to New England highly recommended.The book does an excellent job of providing the European background, who were the investors, where did the settlers come from, what were th

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