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Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging '70s The Bronx Is Burning meets Chuck Klosterman in this wild pop culture history of baseball s most colorful and controversial decadeThe Major Leagues witnessed dramatic stories and changes in the s than in any other era The American popular culture and counterculture collided head on with the national pastime, rocking the once conservative sport to its very foundations Outspoken players embraced free agency, openly advocated drug use, and even swapped wives Controversial owners such as Charlie Finley, Bill Veeck, and Ted Turner introduced Astroturf, prime time World Series, garish polyester uniforms, and outlandish promotions such as Disco Demolition Night Hank Aaron and Lou Brock set new heights in power and speed while Reggie Jackson and Carlton Fisk emerged as October heroes and All Star characters like Mark The Bird Fidrych became pop icons For the millions of fans who grew up during this time, and especially those who cared just as much about Oscar Gamble s afro as they did about his average, this book serves up a delicious, Technicolor trip down memory lane

About the Author: Dan Epstein

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging '70s book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Epstein author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging '70s

  1. Ed Wagemann Ed Wagemann says:

    don t know what happened during the 1980s that ruined the two great passions of my childhood life major league baseball and classic rock but somehow shortly after I blossomed into a teenager my passion for each of them slowly and sorrowfully fizzled I had just turned 13 years old when the Major League s players went on strike 1981 and I immediately had this very raw screw th

  2. Noah Noah says:

    This book reads like Epstein s research notes Rather than do the author s task of finding an interesting STORY to tell and being selective about what he includes, he just dumps everything he can find in a big pile for you in chronological order He doesn t identify a lot of themes, he doesn t focus too closely on any characters, he really doesn t cause you to care about anyone in the

  3. Hugh McBride Hugh McBride says:

    Have to admit to being a bit underwhelmed by Big Hair Plastic Grass As a child of the 70s, and one whose earliest baseball memories involve the Cleveland Indians blood clot uniforms, the hirsute Swingin A s, the Big Red Machine, I was prepared to really enjoy this walk through this bizarre decade And Epstein does hit all the touchstones of 70 s baseball 10 Cent Beer Night, the White Sox in sh

  4. Tom Gase Tom Gase says:

    A great read on baseball in the 70s I knew I would probably like this book, but was suprised by how much The writer has a perfect format, at least for me, and I loved reading this to the point where I probably read it too fast.The author, Dan Epstein, has an introduction and then instead of going all over the place, divides his chapters into years of about 25 30 pages each So 1970 had a whole chapter

  5. Justin Tappan Justin Tappan says:

    Fantastic.I cut my baseball teeth in the 1970 s, so this was a no brainer Intertwining on and off field happenings, this book paints a candid and often loopy portrait of a crazy time in America and in baseball.A lot of memories came flooding back as I read this Games I remembered seeing On field characters I d forgotten In addition, I learned a lot of things about the era that I hadn t known.Guess what Pete Ro

  6. Tad Tad says:

    Of all of Dan Epstein s credits listed on the dustjacket, the most apt one for this book is that he s penned liner notes for a several bands This book is a relentless bunch of liner notes thrown together as a book I wound up just skimming it looking for the fun anecdotes and skipping all of the history with which he bogs down the book He needed a far better editor and structural idea That said, I loved some of the litt

  7. Lance Lance says:

    Review A franchise moves halfway across the country after only one season in the Pacific Northwest A controversial book describing the antics of baseball players off the field Those are two of the events in baseball in 1970, setting the table for an entertaining and interesting decade for the sport The book is broken into chapters for each year 1970 1979 with a few extras on topics such as hair styles and uniforms The baseball

  8. Jim Kulhawy Jim Kulhawy says:

    I first came upon this book one rainy Saturday in my local Borders After thumbing through in the aisle, I knew that I would have to read it Surprisingly, it was given to me as a present a few weeks later and I have loved every page Baseball, prior to the 1970 s, was a button down, lunch bucket game that always seemed to have a very wholesome, clean cut, Cleaver family quality But, the 1970 s ushered in a whole different scene that one h

  9. L.C. Fiore L.C. Fiore says:

    It s not that this book isn t a fun romp through the craziness that was 1970s baseball I laughed out loud several times, and came across a few anecdotes I d never heard before Still, too much of this book is a blow by blow account of the decade as it happened There s little analysis or background or anything you couldn t learn on Baseball It s clear the author researched a ton, and there are some nice gems pulled from players autob

  10. Rodney Rodney says:

    Every so often a book comes along that tells a story and brings back a rush of memories This would be one of those books I related to this book and author on so may levels First, he s the same age I am so we grew up watching the same baseball Second, he grew up and Michigan and talked about attending games at Tiger stadium and nailed the whole experience of Detroit baseball in the 70 s.This book explains how baseball transformed from the 60 s into the 80

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