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Pipers Piping Eleventh story in a collection of interlinked bite sized tales of crime and retribution laced with dark humour, set around the festive season the perfect length for a short commute Includes first chapters of Shatter the Bones and Birthdays for the DeadWhat could befestive than a trip to see Santa at the local shopping centre Depends on who s gunning for Santa

About the Author: Stuart MacBride

Aka Stuart B MacBride The life and times of a bearded write ist.Stuart MacBride that s me was born in Dumbarton which is Glasgow as far as I m concerned moving up to Aberdeen at the tender age of two, when fashions were questionable Nothing much happened for years and years and years learned to play the recorder, then forgot how when they changed from little coloured dots to proper musical notes why the hell couldn t they have taught us the notes in the first bloody place I could have been performing my earth shattering rendition of Three Blind Mice at the Albert Hall by now appeared in some bizarre World War Two musical production did my best to avoid eating haggis and generally ran about the place a lot.Next up was an elongated spell in Westhill a small suburb seven miles west of Aberdeen where I embarked upon a mediocre academic career, hindered by a complete inability to spell and an attention span the length of a gnat s doodad.And so to UNIVERSITY, far too young, naive and stupid to be away from the family home, sharing a subterranean flat in one of the seedier bits of Edinburgh with a mad Irishman, and four other bizarre individuals The highlight of walking to the art school in the mornings yes we were students, but we still did mornings was trying not to tread in the fresh bloodstains outside our front door, and dodging the undercover CID officers trying to buy drugs Lovely place But university and I did not see eye to eye, so off I went to work offshore Like many all male environments, working offshore was the intellectual equivalent of Animal House, only without the clever bits Swearing, smoking, eating,swearing, pornography, swearing, drinking endless plastic cups of tea and did I mention the swearing But it wasmoney than I d seen in my life There s something about being handed a wadge of cash as you clamber off the minibus from the heliport, having spent the last two weeks offshore and the last two hours in an orange, rubber romper suit body bag, then blowing most of it in the pubs and clubs of Aberdeen And being young enough to get away without a hangover.Then came a spell of working for myself as a graphic designer, which went the way of all flesh and into the heady world of studio management for a nation wide marketing company Then somefreelance design work, a handful of voiceovers for local radio and video production companies and a bash at being an actor with a small a , giving it up when it became clear there was no way I was ever going to be good enough to earn a decent living It was about this time I fell into bad company a blonde from Fife who conned me into marrying her and started producing websites for a friend s fledgling Internet company From there it was a roller coaster ride in that it made a lot of people feel decidedly unwell from web designer to web manager, lead programmer, team lead and other assorted technical bollocks with three different companies, eventually ending up as a project manager for a global IT company.But there was always the writing well, that s not true, the writing only started two chapters above this one I fell victim to that most dreadful of things peer pressure Two friends were writing novels and I thought, why not I could do that Took a few years though

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  1. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    It is difficult to rate each individual Twelve Days of Winter story, so the following is a review of all twelve stories when read back to back.I ve had Stuart MacBride s Twelve Days of Winter sitting on my Kindle for a couple of years now, and each year around Christmas I tell myself to dive in and give it a read I constantly find myself caught up in other books, though, and by the time I get around to it Christmas is already over Thus, I decided I would read it early this year It

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Ironic twist in the last sentence, and a case of mistaken identity that leaves the reader reeling as always, MacBride has a dark, twisted sense of humor, and has a way of ratcheting up the tension and suspense in his short stories Read to perfection by narrator Ian Han.

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