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Dawn y la Miss Infantil La seora Pike quiere que Dawn le ayude a preparar a Margo y Claire para presentarlas al concurso Miss Infantil de Stoneybrook Qu importa que la nica habilidad de Margo sea mondar un pltano con los pies Dawn est decidida a ayudar a sus pupilas en todo lo que pueda para que ganenEl nico problema es que Kristy, Mary Anne y Claudia preparan tambin a Karen, Myria y Charlotte para el mismo concurso Y ya nadie sabe dnde hay ms rivalidad s en el concurso o en el Club de las Canguro

10 thoughts on “Dawn y la Miss Infantil

  1. Tina Tina says:

    This is a middle grade book that is the 15 book in the The baby Sitters Club series This is the next book I need to read in the Baby Sitters Club, and I am currently rereading them I loved them when I was in middle school and high school I listen to the audiobook of this book I have to say this one is not my favorite BSC book.

  2. Scott Scott says:

    Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, andDo you remember when it was still the 80s and we didn t know how awful pageants were because we were 7 and just liked looking at all the pretty dresses and not understanding that our attraction to the glamour of the occasion signaled along with Olympic women s gymnastics and figure skating not necessarily a gender dysphoria but that t

  3. Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile Jess the Shelf-Declared Bibliophile says:

    While I actually started reading around age 3 thank you, my Granny s Dick and Jane books , this series is what I remember most about loving to read during my childhood My sister and I drank these books up like they were oxygen I truly think we owned just about every single one from every one of the series We even got the privilege of meeting Ann M Martin at a book sig

  4. Ciara Ciara says:

    tragically, this book is nowhere near as awesome as pretty much any given episode of toddlers tiaras i don t know if children s beauty pageants weren t as freaky in 1988, or if this is just another thing that ann m martin doesn t really know much about or maybe this is how regular pageants are, while toddlers tiaras focuseson totally bizarre glitz pageants then again,

  5. Logan Hughes Logan Hughes says:

    Pageant zzzzzzz.The Little Miss Stoneybrook competition turns into a babysitter rivalry when each of the four elder baby sitters trains a contestant or two, in the case of Dawn, who is coaching the amusingly untalented Claire and Margo Pike Only Jessi and Mallory have the integrity to check their egos at the door and stand by their opinion that pageants are sexist.Thein

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    3 Stars

  7. (Goldilocks Reads) Jenna Vahue (Goldilocks Reads) Jenna Vahue says:

    As sweet as the Babysitters Club can be, this book put a sour taste in my mouth The girls were competitive and were not as supportive as they usually are in the series It may be the author s opinions on beauty pageants because it seemed like the girls were the mouthpieces reciting how Ann M Martin felt I personally don t have anything against beauty pageants, but I know t

  8. sarah sarah says:

    this book is truly WILD a subplot about Jeff, Dawn s brother, finally returning home to their dad is California is like pretty serious and well done but most of it is about all the main babysitters basically bullying little girls they babysit into entering a beauty pageant the two junior sitters, Jessi and Mallory, are the only ones who are like isn t it kinda gross and mi

  9. ✨Jordan✨ ✨Jordan✨ says:

    Uh Oh Looks like trouble is brewing When a Beauty Pagent is set to be held in Stoney Brook the girls have their hands full Dawn is coaching Claire and Margo Pike Kristy has her hands full with her little sister Karen Mary Ann is taking Mariah and Claudia is bringing Charlotte Johansson With competition fierce and hours of training the babysitters lose the TRUE meaning of en

  10. Shira Shira says:

    this is the first time I ve read this book dawn is jealous of mallory and jessi because they get an induction ceremony thrown together last minute by kristy , and she s jealous of claudia because charlotte johanssen asks for her to baby sit specifically when mrs pike asks dawn if she would be interested in being the pageant coach to claire and margo for the little miss stony

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