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From the Bible s Canst thou raise leviathan with a hook to Captain Ahab s From Hell s heart I stab at thee , from the trials of Job to the legends of Sinbad, whales have breached in the human imagination as looming figures of terror, power, confusion, and mystery In the twentieth century, however, our understanding of and relationship to these superlatives of creation underwent some astonishing changes, and with The Sounding of the Whale, D Graham Burnett tells the fascinating story of the transformation of cetaceans from grotesque monsters, useful only as wallowing kegs of fat and fertilizer, to playful friends of humanity, bellwethers of environmental devastation, and, finally, totems of the counterculture in the Age of Aquarius When Burnett opens his story, ignorance reigns even Nature was misclassifying whales at the turn of the century, and the only biological study of the species was happening in gruesome Arctic slaughterhouses But in the aftermath of World War I, an international effort to bring rational regulations to the whaling industry led to an explosion of global research and regulations that, while well meaning, were quashed, or widely flouted, by whaling nations, the first shot in a battle that continues to this day The book closes with a look at the remarkable shift in public attitudes toward whales that began in the s, as environmental concerns and new discoveries about whale behavior combined to make whales an object of sentimental concern and public adulation A sweeping history, grounded in nearly a decade of research, The Sounding of the Whale tells a remarkable story of how science, politics, and simple human wonder intertwined to transform the way we see these behemoths from below The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century

About the Author: D. Graham Burnett

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century book, this is one of the most wanted D Graham Burnett author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century

  1. Nick Black Nick Black says:

    oh my, that was an ordeal i was expecting something entirely different, basically a massive new textbook on Cetacea biology and environmental biology did i horribly misrea

  2. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    A great brick of a book Professor Burnett has summarized the history of the science of whales elegantly, if in occasionally excruciating detail The original whale experts had

  3. Forestofglory Forestofglory says:

    Some of you may remember that I really enjoyed Trying Leviathan about an 1818 trial in NYC about whether a whale is fish or not, that book uses the trial lenses to explore how p

  4. Brian Beatty Brian Beatty says:

    I m writing a review of this for but will briefly comment here As a paleontologist that studies whales, I found the accounts of Remington Kellogg to be my initial dr

  5. Debra Debra says:

    A tough read I rechecked from library twice, and gave up on 2 of the chapters Very dense half the text is footnotes Definitely well researched and detailed, but I would have been sati

  6. Evander v Evander v says:

    Upon picking this up, I thought it would focuson the actual work done on whales than the political history behind the whaling industry and international regulation, but I enjoyed it none

  7. Marla Marla says:

    This is an enormous book, and don t know if I ll get to every chapter, but I ll try because his prose is gorgeous

  8. Pete Pete says:

    i will probably never finish this book, but god damn it is impressive engaging

  9. Foggygirl Foggygirl says:

    I was expecting something along the lines of a study of whale behaviour not the history of whaling.

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