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Night Hunt Niki Kroff has one mission in life to lead Sylvan Mir s elite guard and protect the wolf Alpha s life When Lara, another of the centuri, becomes a Vampire in the course of saving Sylvan s life, Niki is assigned to protect her during her transition Removed from Sylvan s guard, Niki struggles to find her place in the Pack and control her desire for a forbidden Were whose call grows stronger every daySylvan, driven by primal instincts to protect her pregnant mate, grows powerful, and deadly, than any Alpha Were in centuries While Sylvan rallies her allies, Vampire and human, to fight extremists, radical groups, and members of their own Praetern coalition in a war to preserve the autonomy of all Praetern species, Niki fights a private battle with her own dark urges a battle which, if lost, will cost her everythingA Midnight Hunters Paranormal Romance

10 thoughts on “Night Hunt

  1. Kara Kara says:

    This is the 3rd book in the Midnight Hunters series Be sure to read Books 1 2 first Niki, Sylvan s chief protector and 2 in Pack hierarchy, has been the unenviable sidekick of the series so far In love with Sylvan all her life, she s watched Sylvan mate with Drake, and she is now sworn to protect the woman she d once wanted to kill to protect Sylvan, the Pack and perhaps her own hear

  2. Jane Shambler Jane Shambler says:

    Gets better And better The series is exciting, inspiring and has everything if notyou could want Radclyffe is an excellent and exhilarating author Her descriptions put you right there along with a little imagination I guess you could read these individually but I wouldn t advise it So far all three books are linked and make an intriguing and truly amazing story I would love to live in

  3. Morgan Morgan says:

    I liked the first book in this series enough to read the other two currently sequels But I think I m ending this with book three I don t find any of the characters particularly fleshed out no description exists beyond hair and sometimes eye color, certainly no one has any thoughts about what is being given up or consequences of turning , almost all the dialogue could be interchangeable

  4. Val Val says:

    Niki is not my favorite character but I was glad to see her with Sophia Sylvan and Drake s story continues and I have yet to grow tired of them This book isn t quite as good as the first two likely because of my opinion about Niki but still an excellent read Kudos to Radclyffe for this fantastic storyline I am in awe.

  5. MangoLoverReads MangoLoverReads says:

    4 5 Lots of sexy.

  6. Dawn Dawn says:

    This is becoming one of my favorite series I love finding books in this genre Looking forward to the next.

  7. Lunatic Lunatic says:

    I was wondering if L.L Raand was following this werewolf and vampire personality stereotypes throughout the whole series For example, every werewolf characters would act in this kind of wild, in heat, agitate, aggressive, and over protective kind of personality excepted Sophia Then every vampire characters would act in this kind of calm, elegant, aloof, bore, dark kind of personality There

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is the third book in L.L Raand s Midnight Hunters series and I have yet to tire of the storyline or the characters Each successive book has maintained the central story of Sylvan and Drake but adds a new couple to focus on as well In book two it was Jody and Becca and in book three it is Niki and Sophia I was very excited to see what would potentially develop between them as I think Ni

  9. Fern Fern says:

    This series took me by surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed it The ending of this book took me by surprise I wasn t ready for it to end and found myself flicking the kindle back and forth looking forThe Nikki character is growing on me and was nice to see her come into her own a bitWould have lovedBecca and Jody definitely my favourite characters Bring on the next one

  10. Christina Willis Christina Willis says:

    Way too much sex I used to like this authors books I won t be buying any because they all seem the same sex sex andsex.

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