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The Accused The book was good but I had the hard copy and even then there were so many spelling and grammatical errors which made it hard to understand what the author meant at times Some legal facts were also incorrect. Absolutely fantastic.gripping.well written.good storyline. I have had this book on my bookshelf for quite a while now, so decided to read on a plane journey I have to say it captured my attention throughout the flight and had to finish it later that evening I was rooting for Elizabeth Johnson as I beIe ex her to be innocent. Gripping and unexpected turn of events, I was a bit disappointed about the end, would ve ended better All in all I loved it I quite enjoyed this book, all the characters had their own personality, I was surprised who the killer turned out to be, I was thinking of one person all the way through but I was wrong. I was disappointed So good I read this twiceA page turning atmospheric novel you could feel the chills in the air.Looking forward to the next one A good easy read although the secondary character s are very one dimensional The ending is rushed and disappointing and makes it obvious the will be a sequel at some point. She was found at the crime scene, covered in blood with the murder weapon in her hand and no memory of how she got thereNo wonder that the police believe Elizabeth Johnson is guilty of stabbing a young woman to deathOnly Elizabeth s best friend, Sam Bailey, doesn t believe the evidence against her But both girls are ex cons and former prostitutes and she will have to go to extra ordinary lengths to prove Elizabeth innocent Amazing.

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