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Forbidden Fire Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ISBN There were two great loves in her life Louise s love for her beautiful home, Queen s Dower, was as solid and unchangeable as the house itselfBut her love for her stepbrother, Daniel, had subtly evolved over the years While she had adored him during her childhood, she now loved him with a woman s passionShe couldn t let Daniel hold her at arm s length, shut her out of his life She didn t want any other man She belonged with Daniel, just as she belonged at Queen s Dower And it would always be that way

About the Author: Charlotte Lamb

Sheila Ann Mary Coates Hollandaka Sheila Holland, Sheila Coates, Charlotte Lamb, Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Woolf, Laura HardySheila Ann Mary Coates was born on 1937 in Essex, England, just before the Second World War in the East End of London As a child, she was moved from relative to relative to escape the bombings of World War II Sheila attended the Ursuline Convent for Girls On leaving school at 16, the convent educated author worked for the Bank of England as a clerk Sheila continued her education by taking advantage of the B of E s enormous library during her lunch breaks and after work She later worked as a secretary for the BBC While there, she met and married Richard Holland, a political reporter A voracious reader of romance novels, she began writing at her husband s suggestion She wrote her first book in three days with three children underfoot In between raising her five children including a set of twins , Charlotte wrote severalnovels She used both her married and maiden names, Sheila Holland and Sheila Coates, before her first novel as Charlotte Lamb, Follow a Stranger, was published by Mills Boon in 1973 She also used the pennames Sheila Lancaster, Victoria Wolf and Laura Hardy Sheila was a true revolutionary in the field of romance writing One of the first writers to explore the boundaries of sexual desire, her novels often reflected the forefront of the sexual revolution of the 1970s Her books touched on then taboo subjects such as child abuse and rape, and she created sexually confident even dominant heroines She was also one of the first to create a modern romantic heroine independent, imperfect, and perfectly capable of initiating a sexual or romantic relationship A prolific author, Sheila pennedthan 160 novels, most of them for Mills Boon Known for her swiftness as well as for her skill in writing, Sheila typically wrote a minimum of two thousand words per day, working from 9 00 a.m until 5 00 p.m While she once finished a full length novel in four days, she herself pegged her average speed at two weeks to complete a full novel Since 1977, Sheila had been living on the Isle of Man as a tax exile with her husband and four of their five children Michael Holland, Sarah Holland, Jane Holland, Charlotte Holland and David Holland Sheila passed away on October 8, 2000 in her baronial style home Crogga on the Island She is greatly missed by her many fans, and by the romance writing community.

10 thoughts on “Forbidden Fire

  1. Naksed Naksed says:

    Harlequin at its most gloriously non p.c., taboo, hot mess, bad or good, depending on how you choose to view it Sustained by CL s beautiful, elegant writing, it is an eerie tale of obsession, not so much between a man and a woman, but between a man, a woman, and a spooky, old, haunted, castle perched above one of those idyllic English villages that only CL can conjure up with this muc

  2. Ivy H Ivy H says:

    Charlotte Lamb s original stepbrother romance novel Yep Good old Charlotte wrote about the stepbrother taboo romance LONG before many others even thought of it Readers either hate this or love it A few share a middle perspective, because I suppose we do need some minds that are willing to be politically correct while simultaneously appreciating that the novel is in fact quite entertaini

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    Story is about a step sister and brother falling in love The hero resists her because he feels he is too old for her and suffers from jealousy watching her kissing various guys even after they get married Another book got ruined because of the heroine She was an idiot acting like a spoiled brat and I must like her because she is the book heroine I hate heroines who are spoiled or act like

  4. sbf20112011 sbf20112011 says:

    Wow This was SO un PC A seventeen year old girl marrying her 35 year old stepbrother who has raised her alone since she was 8 years old And if the bare facts weren t enough, the things they say view spoiler the hero admits that he has wanted her since her 14th birthday, right before they have sex for the first time, the heroine says, Take what s been yours since I was eight years old YUUUUU

  5. Aou Aou says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I hated H The dialogue between him and the heroine after she was assaulted was H O R R I B L E I ll never let a, man touch me again, she whimpered, leaning against him Daniel gave a soft sound of dry amusement, his lips brushing her cheek There s no need for such extreme action Just give yourself a breathing space

  6. KarenB KarenB says:

    There were two scenes which had my stomach churning I first knew how I felt about you on your fourteenth birthday, he said abruptly, his mouth grim I came into your room with your birthday present You remember that new saddle I bought you You left it on the end of my bed while I was asleep, she said with a happy smile You were fast asleep when I came in, he said thickly You d been excited about

  7. Jacqueline J Jacqueline J says:

    Not as much angst as I expected You could see some social changes For example the heroine is accused of leading on the OM so when he tries to force sex on her, it is perceived as being a bit of her fault She even says just because I kissed him doesn t mean I agreed to anything else does it And the hero was like well you led him on This was all mixed up in the idea that she was a young girl stretc

  8. Noël Cades Noël Cades says:

    An absolute corker of a vintage Mills Boon Virginal schoolgirl bride, endless smouldering sexual tension and an angry older alpha man of the world struggling to control himself Plus a wonderfully silly plot where after nearly ravishing her every few pages he marries her, and then tries to remain celibate because she s not ready for marriage You can imagine how long that resolve lasts There are a lo

  9. JG JG says:

    GUILTY PLEASURES CHECKLISTForbidden Love CHECK Jealous Hero CHECK CHECK Brutal Passion TRIPLE CHECK Concealed PassionL CHECK HAHA.So, that explains the five stars

  10. Vintage Vintage says:

    Ay caramba.This should either be a 1 star or a 4 star I m wimping out at a 3 star.May December, step sibling, un requited love kind of.This whole love story was kind of icky as the h, who s 17, comes home from boarding school, and the H, who s 35, picks her up with his ex maybe current mistress in the car Nice.Punishing kisses, threatening glances In a bleak attempt for some kind of supremacy and self

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