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Sky's the Limit: British Cycling's Quest to Conquer the Tour de France Brailsford is the mastermind behind the phenomenal success of the British track cycling team which dominated the Beijing Olympics in , winning seven gold medals But road cycling is a very different ball game It has the lion s share of the sport s history and legends it has the bulk of the fans, television, and media interest and it has, far and away, the biggest pot of money It is a sport that is rooted in mainland Europe a land that is, in so many literal, metaphorical, and cultural ways, foreign to Great Britain British victories in the Tour can be counted on the fingers of a mitten The closest anyone has ever come is Robert Millar and Bradley Wiggins, who were fourth inandrespectively, but no Briton has seriously challenged for the maillot jaune the winning yellow jerseySky s the Limit follows the gestation and birth of a brand new road racing team, which is the first British team to compete in the Tour de France sinceTeam Sky, as it is known, since it is to be backed by the satellite broadcaster Sky, set out on the road to Tour de France glory in JanuaryWith exclusive behind the scenes access and interviews, Sky s the Limit will follow the management and riders as they embark on their journey witnessing their first training camp and team presentation in December , their debut at the Tour Down Under in January , and their debut at the Tour de France in Julyand as they then set out to write their epic story

10 thoughts on “Sky's the Limit: British Cycling's Quest to Conquer the Tour de France

  1. ChristinaJL ChristinaJL says:

    Fascinating insight into the origins of Team Sky, this book by Richard Moore gives the reader a good idea of the time, effort and money it takes to set up a new procycling team The book then follows the team in their first season Well worth reading if you re a fan of British cycling as it s ve

  2. James James says:

    When I first saw this, I had feared it would be a fairly sycophantic account of Dave Brailsford s genius, Wiggo s madcap banter from a fearless champion, and the unparalleled wonder of the New Force in cycling But despite a good level of access, this was a fairly even handed account of the early tra

  3. Paulo Glez Ogando Paulo Glez Ogando says:

    El libro tiene puntos interesantes c mo se form este equipo ciclista, las interioridades del d a a d a, las diferentes perspectivas de personas con distintos cargos Recoge b sicamente su formaci n y las dos primeras temporadas en las que compite, 2010 y 2011, aunque la edici n que tengo yo incluye tres ca

  4. Peter Peter says:

    This book wasDaily Mirror that Sunday Times, however, it did give some interesting insights into the establishment of Team Sky Some of the statements alleged to have been made by Brailsford et al ring hollow after the TUE and mystery package saga, not mention Froome and his asthma treatment Some of the staff an

  5. Susan Ferguson Susan Ferguson says:

    Interesting look at the start up of a new professional road racing team especially for Great Britain, which didn t have a large presence in professional cycling in the Grand Tours The guy who brought British track cycling to the top, decided to go for the road racing world Sky backed the team, not just sponsoring, bu

  6. RUBEN RUBEN says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Great book of cycling that any fan should read Four stars and not five, because sometimes often Richard Moore isfocus in tell us where he was team car, etc than the story I guess we don t care about authors of non fiction books, and the moral r

  7. Steve Chilton Steve Chilton says:

    This book is very dry in parts, and doesn t offer any major insights It does describe the brilliant results achieved by the main players, but lacked emotion for me He seems to suggest that Sky s success was down to muchprofessional management, but the athletes deservecredit than that.

  8. Gumble& Gumble& says:

    Well written and very enjoyable account, almost a sequel to Heroes, Villains and Veledromes about the Sky team, finishing at the end of 2010 with an honest appraisal of the ambiguities of Professional racing unlike the naively hostile view in Moore s previous book.

  9. John Houston John Houston says:

    I loved Richard Moore s book In search of Robert Millar a fantastic and captivating read I was expecting something similar in this book and the overall writing is fine and the story agreeable but in my opinion as an avid follower of cycling and of UK Scottish cycling in particular it was missing the in depth analysis orpersonal angles I was

  10. JDK1962 JDK1962 says:

    Interesting but very inside baseball look at the run up to creating Team Sky and its first few years especially its first I m not a huge fan of Sky, mainly because of its connection with the Murdoch empire, but I certainly appreciate what they ve done in raising the profile for cycling in the UK I definitely like that the author presents the pers

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