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The Levelling Sea: The Story of a Cornish Haven in the Age of Sail Having just moved to Falmouth I was really keen to learn about its history I however found this book very easy to put down, hard to pick up again, and it left me unsatisfied after completion It seems that by trying to be too clever or poetic, it detracts from the substance of the book Not impressed The Levelling Sea uses the story of Falmouth s spectacular rise to explore wider questions about the sea, its place in history and the imagination, and its effect on the lives of individuals The find of a submerged forest at Market Strand was a reminder that the permanence of the coast is an illusion created by the brevity of our lives sums up the philosophy of the book, which is a terrific history of Falmouth and the West Country, to a point as relates to the sea, embedded in the personal perspective of one of its denizens Highly recommended. The author, in telling his history of Falmouth, also imparts his own great love of sailing and manages to relay some of sailing s aesthetic. Interesting history of Falmouth A fascinating read I ve spent many, many holidays down around Falmouth, visiting often a few times a year, and so to finally learn its history from a well written and thoroughly interesting book was wonderful From it s small but important beginnings to it s bustling golden age Falmouth has had a rich history entwined with the sea For anyone interested in the towns origins and or the sea and Englands relationship with it, this is a highly recommended read. Really enjoyed reading about Penryn and Falmouth have adopted the Ryn as my home but wish there wereillustrations that matched up with the text I realise that copyright might have made this hard but there were tantalising glimpses of documents and mentions of maps that would have been great to seeof I also found the occasional insertions of the authors own experiences of sailing in the Carrick Roads to be distracting Have passed book on to my Dad and then on to Grandad.

About the Author: Philip Marsden

Philip Marsden is the author of a number of works of travel writing, fiction and non fiction, including The Bronski House, The Spirit Wrestlers and The Levelling Sea He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and his work has been translated into fifteen languages He lives in Cornwall.

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