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Foul Play at Four New in the series that s a must for British cozy fans Booklist Lois Meade has worked through all the days of the week, turning up clues and scrubbing up messes and murderers in the village of Long Farnden But sleuthing is rarely a spotless endeavorA series of robberies have begun to plague Long Farnden, and Lois s own daughter, Josie, is shaken when a thief makes off with a hundred pounds from the till in her grocery shop But before her policeman fianc can crack the case, someone cracks Lois s husband on the head when he interrupts a burglary in progress Now Lois and the besotted Inspector Cowgill must determine who s cleaning out Long Farnden, and clean up after an increasingly violent crime spree

About the Author: Ann Purser

Ann Purser lives in the East Midlands, in a small and attractive village which still has a village shop, a garage, pub and church Here she finds her inspiration for her novels about country life She has only to do her daily shopping down the High Street to listen to the real life of the village going on around her.Before turning to fiction, she had a number of different careers, including journalism she was for six years a columnist in SHE magazine and art gallery proprietor Running her own gallery in a 400 year old barn behind the house, she gained fascinating insights into the characters and relationships of customers wandering around She had no compunction about eavesdropping, and sharpened up her writer s skills in weaving plots around strangers who spent sometimesthan an hour in her gallery.Working in a village school addedgrist to the mill, as does singing in the church choir and membership of the Women s Guild She reminds herself humbly that Virginia Woolf was President of her local WI Six years hard study won her an Open University degree, and when she faltered and threatened to fall by the wayside, writer husband Philip Purser reminded her that he was paying good money for the course During this period, she wrote two non fiction books, one for parents of handicapped children she has a daughter with cerebral palsy and the other a lighthearted book for schools, on the explosion of popular entertainment in the first forty years of the twentieth century.Ten years of running the gallery proved to be enough, and while it was very successful she decided to sell The business moved down the street to another barn and owner, and Pursers stayed on in their house next to the village school another rich source of material for the stories Time to start writing novels.Round Ringford became Ann s village in a series of six novels, each with a separate story, but featuring the same cast of characters with a few newcomers each time The list of books gives details of each story, and each features an issue common to all villages in our rural countryside Just like our village is a frequent comment from Ann s readers.Next the Lois Meade Mysteries, each title reflecting a day of the week Ann has always loved detective fiction, and determined to make it her next series So Murder on Monday was born, followed by Terror on Tuesday, and Weeping on Wednesday The rest of the week follows Mornings are set aside for writing, and the rest of the day Ann spends walking the dog, retrieving bantams eggs from around the garden, gossiping and taking part in the life of the village She is never bored

10 thoughts on “Foul Play at Four

  1. Yeva Yeva says:

    This series is so good, but I think it s very interesting that most of the bad guys usually kidnap their victims and stop short of killing them Happily, it seems as though Ms Purser has never seen our Law and Order or Criminal Minds I m thankful I

  2. Donna Donna says:

    There is no mystery here this isa cat and mouse type book As is often the case with mystery series that reach a certain age, the attraction to the Lois Meade books at this point is a visit with old friends in a familiar, charming location, not any whodunn

  3. Wanda Wanda says:

    Good story Bad editing I found a couple of inconsistencies and a few grammatical and spelling errors, ex., desert instead of dessert Things of this sort really bother me.

  4. Lalla Lalla says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Lois Meade adventure The characters have all become well known friends and I like the way the author combines the changes that occur in societies and families with the plot.I would not classify this as a mystery, butas a crime adventure and brin

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Admittedly I jumped in on this series in book 4, not the beginning, so that may have some bearing on my three star review This book was good, nothing very spectacular about it It wasn t really a mystery, there wasn t much to figure out It was a quick read though, not unenjoyable

  6. Evelyn Harvill Evelyn Harvill says:

    This series just keeps getting better

  7. chrisa chrisa says:

    I enjoyed this book in the series I found the book to be just the meandering kind of read I was in the mood for and not a straightforward cozy at all.

  8. Margaret Margaret says:

    Good book in a good series What do you do when you run out of days of the week Start going through numbers.Lois is an endearing if brusque blue collar protagonist.

  9. Caroline Ingvaldsen Caroline Ingvaldsen says:

    The eleventh Lois Meade mystery features the intrepid proprietor of the New Brooms cleaning agency once again ferreting out crime at home and on the Yorkshire moors.

  10. Patrice M. Patrice M. says:

    English setting for a little sleuthing Light, readable Conclusion left some holes but since this is a series of books, leading on was expected.

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